…so you can all just go back to the fetal position and admit defeat before the battle, as we’re sure that Allahpundit will be sure to point out to us all at least another 735 times before November because, you know, Romney Doesn’t Know How Airplanes Work!11!1!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!

The poor dumb bastard. “Mister Raaaaaaaaaaamneyyyy, what about your gaaaaaaaaaffesss???”

Just what the fuckity fuck are we talking about? Well, Mitt’s wife’s plane had to return to the airport after takeoff because of a fire and, in the aftermath (nobody was hurt), Mitt said something to the effect that it was a pity you can’t roll the windows down to let the smoke out on those things, and why is that anyway?

Yeah, we know. At this point you’re chuckling to yourself going “hehe, Mitt, funny one, particularly considering the circumstances”, as is every other sentience with an IQ above noodle soup, but not the Ogabe Steno Pool. Nosirree!

THEY immediately went “HA! GAAAAAFFE! Stupid Romney doesn’t know that you can’t roll down the windows on a passenger airliner” and then, to compound their own beclowning, the wrote long mocking screeds about his obvious mental deficiency peppered with quotes from experts explaining the dangers of sudden decompression etc. etc. just to make all of us doofus Bible-clingers understand just how stupid he was.

Never mind that Mitt has certainly spent more time on airplanes than resident Jugear has spent doing his actual job.

If he’d told the old joke about screen doors on submarines, they’d be featuring front page dissertations on the permeability of screen doors and the inability of the same to withstand the crushing pressure found under the ocean.

So tell us again: Does this idiocy sound like an Obama/Steno Pool alliance utterly confident in victory, or does it sound like a bunch of desperate dipshits seeing the writing on the wall to you?

Yeah, we thought so.

We might point out to you that it looks just the same way to any even semi-intelligent U.S. voter. If we thought he did this deliberately, we’d say “well played” and, quite frankly, we’re not so sure that he didn’t. It’s funny how every single one of his “gaaaaaffes” makes the Ogabe Steno Pool look even stupider than the average voter already think that they are.

Of course, all of the Allahpundits, Peggy Noonans, Conor (with one “n”) Friedersdorfs, David Flums etc. of the world will now help the leftists out by writing long more in sadness than anger dissertations on how Mitt really needs to be more careful in his wording and how it detracts from the “real issues” and how it seriously casts doubts on the competency of his campaign, blah, blah blech.


What’s worse is that next week, those very same concern trolls tut-tutting about how he damaged his chances by joking will be lamenting that he appears too robotic and really needs to show more of his human side.

And those are the drooling morons allegedly on our side. If they actually want to help, a nice big warm cup of shut the fuck up would be a good start, because they’re beginning to annoy us even worse than the certifiable loons on Obam-bam’s side. We’ve had it up to our back teeth with those damned Lord Haw-Haws and their delusional, pig ignorant musings. Way to go rallying the troops, you silly twats.

Just shut the fuck up already, will you? Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way, because you’re doing fuck all good as it is.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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