Just a bit more on the “47% Meme” that the Ogabe Steno Pool are pushing like it’s the most devastatingly important bit of news since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor while studiously ignoring our murdered ambassadors in foreign lands as “it ain’t no thang” because, obviously, talking about that might hurt Teh Anointed One™.

There’s this established nonsense in the Narrative™ that conservatives, for some odd reason, steadfastly refuse to push back against in yet another example of the failed policy of trying to appease the Alinskyites in hopes that they’ll like us better that has worked out so well for our nation over the last, oh, four decades or so.

It is the “conservatives don’t give a shit about the poor, unemployed, less fortunate, old, sick, blah, blah, blech” propaganda that pounds across the airwaves all the time. It’s obviously the worst load of shit since Hitler dressed up a bunch of prisoner corpses in Polish uniforms and used that as an excuse to invade Poland, but for some reason conservative candidates always fail to point that out using simple common sense, thus allowing the Alinskyites to control the Narrative™, always playing defense and losing horribly as a result.

So allow us to explain just why it’s bullshit, using nothing but common sense, in case somebody who isn’t an Obamarrhoid ever reads it. We’re not interested in those, because they’ve already made up their minds, no matter what the evidence to the contrary says. We’re speaking only to the people who, for reasons entirely their own, vote Democrat because they have come to believe, at least to a degree, the propaganda about conservatives not giving a damn coming from the NSDWP.

First off, dear fellow citizens who vote Democrat: Those conservatives that the Democrat party has made you believe are uncaring, bloodless, selfless bastards are your neighbors. They’re all around you. They’re in your churches with you, they’re at PTA meetings with you, they’re at pot lucks with you, they live right next door to you, they’re the ones who help you with the yard when you can’t do it yourselves, they’re the ones coming over to your houses with dishes when your families go through crises, they’re the ones stopping in the middle of the night to help you fix a flat on the highway and we could go on forever. You know them. You know a lot of them, even though they may not be wearing their evil conservatism on their sleeves.

Second, focusing on the people on government assistance that we allegedly don’t care about and would love to shove off a cliff for a bit: Let’s start with the ones who, through no fault of their own, find themselves unemployed and unable to get a job. It could be because of sickness, it could be because Democrat voters, with good intentions, decided to vote for an incompetent fool who promised them free everything and unicorn rides and the economy, as an inevitable result, cratered, it could be because they screwed up, it could be because of anything imaginable.

There, but for the Grace of G-d, go I.

The Democrat party would have you believe that your fellow citizens of a conservative bend don’t care about those people. That they’re on their own and that we’d all be much better off if they’d just go die already.

This is self-evidently insane.

Unless you think that conservatives are superhuman wonders of nature, that is. Do you think that we never experience hardship? Of course we do. We’re no better or worse than anybody else. So for us to embrace the phony ideology that the Democrat party tells you that we embrace, we’d be practically suicidal since the only logical reaction for us when struck by hardship would be to off ourselves so as not to be a burden anymore. Because we don’t “care” about the poor.

Or if you want to look at the purely pragmatical aspect, we’d be willing to write off productive citizens as liabilities because of temporary setbacks in their lives. This is insane. Every citizen is a resource, and we write off resources as a society at our own peril. Who is going to pay for us when we grow too old to pay our own way? Certainly not the ones we’d starved to death or allowed to die from treatable diseases because their MasterCard was rejected.

We want everybody to be ridiculously wealthy and successful because it doesn’t merely help them, it helps everybody else too. And if they fall into a pit of despair as we all might, we’re more than happy to help them get out of there.

Then there is the group of people who will never be able to fend for themselves again. The chronically ill, the handicapped, the old etc. You think we don’t care about those either? If you vote Democrat, you do at least to a degree. Listen, we can take care of those quite easily. We’re a rich nation, thanks to our previous practice of letting people run their own lives and getting government out of the way, and caring for those who can’t care for themselves is bus fare to our economy.

And, need I say it again? There, but for the Grace of G-d… Not to mention that we will all grow old, even us conservatives, and we know it only too well.

That’s not the issue here, never has been, so quit listening to the Democrat party propaganda machine and their friends in the media, because you KNOW it to be true if you take the time to think about it. Look around you. Think about all of the times when one of those “heartless” conservatives reached out to help you or somebody you know.

Our issue is this, and ONLY this: We don’t think that we have an obligation to help those who won’t help themselves, who think that the good life is somehow “owed” to them by the virtue of them being born. We don’t think that government is the answer to all of our problems. We don’t think that anybody is “owed” anything. We’ll give you the shirt off of our backs to get you back on your feet, but we won’t do it because we think that we have an obligation to do so, we’ll do it because we want to, because we know that we could be you and because we have faith that you will pay it forward.

That’s the difference between conservatives and the Democrat party, really, right there. We believe in you, we help you because we want to, because we utterly reject the notion that people have to be forced to do what’s right.

We have more faith in mankind than that.

And you do too, when you think about it. You’ve just been misled by a relentless barrage of propaganda. We don’t blame you for that, ever, any more than we’d blame you for having a heart attack.

But we do ask you to think about it for a bit. And we’re here for you if you have any questions. Because we care. We really care, as opposed to “care by giving you other people’s money and expecting you to be grateful for it and praise us to high heavens for having spent what wasn’t ours to begin with.”


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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