Predictably the manufactured outrage over Romney’s off the cuff comment about the 47% of the populace who pay no federal taxes turned into a full-throated roar in less than 24-hours and is continuing today. I perused an article over at the WaCompost “Mitt Romney Trashes The 47%” that misses the context of the statement entirely. Even more telling are the comments of which about 95% miss the point entirely too.

Simply stated Romney fucked-up (by phony campaign 2012 standards) by telling the truth and that is indicative of where we are in America today, it’s unacceptable to tell the truth about anything, instead many want only soothing platitudes or harsh words stoking the fires of envy. His choice of words by his own admission were wrong and left himself bent-over with trousers at half-mast and ready for the media and leftist gang-bang. The class war mongers were quick to spin it as “Romney doesn’t care about the 47%, only his rich buddies”. They can say this proves he doesn’t care about the folks that are really struggling in this economy, but that is far from what the man was trying to say.

It would be nearly impossible to layout the issue he’s trying to explain without using that number, but we are very near a percentage of the electorate that is either 1) Completely dependent on the government dole or 2) Expecting ‘their’ piece of the pie, regardless of their actual needs. Conflating this concept with that number might offend some people that don’t fit into either of those categories. They, largely through loopholes and with the obscene complexity of the tax codes manage to avoid paying federal income tax in spite of earning a very comfortable living (Note-Certainly very low income folks shouldn’t be expected to pay a significant rate, if any) But then again, wouldn’t it be a fair assessment that these better off folks are desirous of maintaining that as status quo as well and given the chance, how would they vote? If so, then they too still fit the argument of getting something from the federal taxpayers for nothing, even if not directly material in nature. Of course, many other ‘slighted’ groups are also brought into the argument with the seniors at the top of the heap. The current crop of retirees and most of the boomers are likely going to be the last recipients of Social Security in it’s present form. It will either go completely bankrupt, disappearing into the night OR more hopefully, some sort of reform will be enacted to break the Ponzi Scheme that it’s always been and give folks a better chance to provide for their own retirement needs. How would this group break-down in voting, they’ve always been easy to spook into believing that evil republicans want to take their checks away, but this season is different for them. We have a incumbent president that DID swipe money for their checks to the tune of over $700 billion why isn’t Team Romney hammering on this day after day?

People could be swilling up everything they can get by gaming the system or merely taking advantage of tax law, either way they’re a net drain on taxpayer dollars. It isn’t necessary to cast aspersions on any of them to understand their significance to the polity. Irrespective of how folks manage to get into that category, they’re still enjoying that Zero Liability for their votes and human nature will ensure they continue voting that way. Somehow we need to means test benefits and taxes in a way that is much more effective and fair to recipients and taxpayers than the current system. I think Rush said we should have a safety net, but not allow it to become a hammock. Again, Romney is telling the truth.

The economy affects all of us. We either reverse course and begin the work to restore the system which will be painful for all or we all go over the cliff holding hands with Greece. Why should anyone or any group be exempt from taking on their share of that pain, because of their previous status? No one should get a free pass during the recovery. A lot of people are fixin’ to learn a hard lesson about free lunches.

Romney goes on:

I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.

That statement is 100% true as well. A part of that 47% group does refuse to take any responsibility for themselves. They expect and DEMAND the government to take full responsibility for their lives and their spawn. They’ve been cultivated for generations now to believe they’re entitled to that gubmint check, it’s part of their ‘rights’ you know (found in the constitutional paragraph right after free birth control). I think those on the edge, legitimately using the tax code to attain that zero liability, will learn to accept what must happen, but the former bunch will be burning our cities when reality bites them in the ass, which might not be a bad idea for a few places like Detroit or Chicago.

Team Romney just can’t spend their time and money on folks that only want the money and the taxpayer provided lifestyle, that could give a fuck less about where it comes from or how. Regardless it will all come to a screeching halt sooner rather than later if we keep on the current course that’s a mathematical certainty not spin, but there’s no convincing them until those EBT cards stop reloading. They don’t question anything the progressives tell them and they’ll pull that lever for Satan himself if he promises them lots of ‘free’ shit and so that 47% is nearly positioned to decide the fate of the Republic. Romney is pointing out here that he has a real uphill battle to convince enough voters that the current system of massive redistribution is suicide.

It’s time for a lot of people to learn that ‘entitlements’ are only phony promises made by politicians dependent on stealing the fruits of someone’s labor to keep them coming and thereby ensuring their own continued employment.

They can bitch all they want about Mitt’s statement and what it does (or more properly doesn’t mean), but what’s the alternative? Four more years of stolen freedoms, all the while being told it’s for the common good. Four more years of Eric Holder’s DOJ Gestapo punishing those that resist and disagree with the party line. Four more years of greedy union bosses being the real power players in government. Four more years of massive increases in government bureaucracies. Four more years of an even faster race to that impossible Socialist Utopia that’s worked so well throughout history.

Talk to us about your ‘rights’ and ‘entitlements’ when our Republic is replaced by the tyranny of Socialism. We told you the truth and you chose to believe the lies, distortions and half-truths, voting to surrender your and your children’s freedom for a few dollars today.

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