Pardon us, but we’re still pissed off. Let’s recap:

A bunch of muslim apes do what muslim apes do at the slightest provocation, which is to invade U.S. territory and murder U.S. citizens, and what do we get from president Feckless? A load of bloviating, blithering, kowtowing nonsense about “justice” and an added apology for having offended the tender religious sensitivities of the savage, apish, muslim pigs.

And then he jets off to Vegas to rub himself against Beyonce and Jay-Z while snubbing Bibi Netanyahu due to “scheduling conflicts.”

Remember how the Leftist Media and every single other liberal leftist fuckwad in the nation had a synchronized hissy fit of outrageous outrage about “dereliction of duty” when George W. Bush refrained from traumatizing a room full of toddlers by jumping up, screaming “we’re all gonna die” while running in circles after he heard about 9/11? Instead he finished reading, got out of the room and took charge. A few months later, the Talib goat molesters were hiding in caves and the “graveyard of empires” had been turned into “the parade ground of the U.S. Armed Forces.”

But taking a few hours out of his busy ass-kissing and jet-setting schedule is obviously too much to ask of the leftist swines’ jug-eared Messiah.

Instead they went into full JournoList-choreographed hysteria over the outrage, OUTRAGE of Mitt Romney suggesting that maybe bending over and kissing the arses of the subhuman filth that had just committed two acts of fucking war against our nation, apologizing most profusely for the fact that somebody’s “abuse of the universal right of free speech” had caused the poor misunderstood little babies of islam to get the blood of our countrymen smeared all over their hands, might not be the appropriate response.

How DARE he insult the Sun King Obama by suggesting that he is anything less than absolutely perfect? Heresy! Lese Majeste! Off with his insolent HEAD!

Other than focusing entirely upon the outrage of somebody being caught Talking While American™, they further enriched us all by swarming the airwaves debating whether we didn’t actually need to start prosecuting those irresponsible hatey haters and exercisers of free speech as accomplices to the acts of a bunch of bloodthirsty, raging lunatic muslim apes. Seriously. They did. Openly encouraging their god king Obambam to enact blasphemy laws and thus get rid of that pesky First Amendment. But only with regard to blaspheming against the pedophile muslim prophet, of course, because we sure as hell never heard a single solitary peep of protest out of those very same terrorist sympathizers over the decades of insults against Christianity.

That’s just peachy as far as leftist swine are concerned, because those vile Christians won’t saw our heads off if they’re offended, so screw them.

Courage, leftist swine, courage!

And that’s all we got from the leftist traitors, swine and animals. After an invasion of the United States and the murder of our citizens.

On the anniversary of 9/11, no less!

Yeah, you could say that His Imperial Majesty is pissed off, but only if you’re a true master of the art of the British Understatement.

Once again our nation is the target of an act of war, once again Americans are murdered by the perverse, pedophile death cult of islam, and all we get is a lecture in how we all brought it on ourselves by our offensive, insulting behavior to the peaceful muslims who just murdered one of our ambassadors and dragged his mutilated corpse through the streets of Benghazi.

Once again, while the memory of the last muslim atrocity committed against us is still very fresh in our minds, we’re attacked by those throwbacks to the darkest, most primitive ages of man and we get a finger-wagging about the “proper” way to exercise our G-d given right to free speech from that tiny, limp-dicked, Marxist abomination of a subhuman cockfluffer as a “response”.

Did we hear the media talking about how pathetic a response that was, not to mention how such cowardly retreats in the face of violence only encourage and beget more violence? Did we get probing questions about the wisdom of leaving our embassies in turd world muslim cesspools of sub-retarded, simian violence defenseless, even when we’d received numerous warnings (and should have expected) of pending muslim violence on the anniversary of what they consider one of their greatest achievements? Any column inches spent on wondering if maybe supporting pisslamist fundamentalists in the increasingly incredibly stupidly named “Arab Spring” wasn’t the smartest thing to do?

No, we didn’t. All we heard was the slurping of the Lap Dog Media trying to squeeze just one more drop of rancid jizz from Jugears’ shriveled dick when not baying like a pack of diseased jackals at Mitt Romney for daring to question the infinite wisdom of their Chocolate Jeeebus.

Why is Benghazi not a smoking heap of rubble today? Why is Tripoli even on the map? Why is Congress even debating whether or not to send foreign aid to those murdering apes?


Because of King Putt, the leftist swine of this country and their propaganda arm, the terrorist-loving Lap Dog Media.

Still want to stay home in November to protest the nomination of Mitt Romney because he wasn’t your ideal candidate (and even less so OUR ideal candidate), making your stand for purity by giving us four more years of the jugeared Marxist, terror-symp lickspittle currently in office?

We don’t want Mitt Romney as president any more than you do, we just want Jugears Hussein OUT and, to tell you the truth, with recent events in mind, we find pulling the lever for a RINO turd from Taxatwoshits to be a whole lot less of a sacrifice if it leads to getting our nation’s number one enemy out of office than, say, risking our lives going overseas to fight the enemies of our nation that he SUPPORTS.

This is just our personal opinion, and we may be interpreting everything wrong, let us know if you think so, but we just don’t see how we can ever hope to defeat those muslim pig savages if we allow a backstabbing traitor to continue as commander-in-chief of the young men and women who risk their lives to go fight them. It’s kinda hard to fight effectively if you constantly have to worry about your commander stabbing you in the back, isn’t it?

We can’t fight the enemy without until we’ve purged the enemy within. It’s as simple as that.

And we’re not done purging just because we get Brrrack Hussein al-Obama bin-Bendover kicked out of office, that’s just the beginning, but we still have to begin, don’t we?

Or are we truly, as a people, so in love with our demand for instant gratification that we’d rather say “fuck it all” if we can’t have the whole pizza at once?

Bottom line: Oshithead is dead to us. We don’t care if Lucifer himself runs against him in November, we’d still rather vote for the devil than that empty, treasonous suit.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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