While we certainly understand why the National Socialist Democrat Party have devoted their entire convention to abortion on demand and nostalgic references to Great Democrat National Socialists of the Past™, G-d knows they can’t very well talk about the present with an election coming up, we still have to question the “wisdom” behind dedicating time to praise of Ted “U-Boot” Kennedy in the middle of a Rethugnican War on Womyn-Themed convention.

While the Snark Center of our Imperial Gray Matter was going into high gear trying to come up with the Ultimate Snark Response™, we found that the Imperial Minister of War, FrnakJ, had once again beaten us to it with a tweet that automatically wins the Internets, so we won’t even bother:

Frank J. Fleming ?@IMAO_

I hear the DNC had a video tribute to Ted Kennedy, the only politician with a confirmed kill in the War on Women.

Nope. No use. We can’t possibly top THAT!

We’re typing through tears of laughter here. Loud, painful, rib-cracking laughter.

Well played, Sir Frnak, well played INDEED!


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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