As a matter of fact, His Imperial Majesty just got the idea that if anybody ever wanted to make a parody of Triumph des Willens, and who but His Imperial Sithness would have a mind sick and twisted enough to think that might be funny?, all they’d need to do would be to use footage from this year’s DNC circle jerk in Charlotte.

Yep, since we thought of it first, expect ridiculous lawsuits if anybody else decides to run with it. Unless they cut us in, of course. In a big way.

There’s the small issue of the NSDWP cutting their Reichsparteitage by a day (not due to weather) and moving from a 74,000 head venue to a 20,000 one as LC Light29ID already pointed out. Which is like Adolf saying to Speer: “Hey, Albert, why don’t we cut out this whole Reichsparteitagsgelände nonsense and move back to the Bürgerbräukeller instead? Because Winning!

Then we have this charming little video from the NSDWP’s Propaganda Ministry (thanks, LC Rurik, for ruining our lunch):

That’s right. We all belong to the government now! Hooray! We’d elaborate on just how many levels this is wrong, but we’d never get done with this post if we did.

“Inspiring” slogan? The Democrat National Socialist Party has it! Vorwärts! Sorry, Vpered!. Damn, that was Russian. FORWARD! That’s it. Beloved slogan of socialists throughout the ages, “forward” meaning “the mass graves are right down there, now hurry up will you?”

Creepy Cult of Personality? You fucking kidding us? The Democrat National Socialist Party has those Nazi and Soviet amateurs beat on that one too, yo! This from the official DNC calendar (and we apologize to LC readerjp for having missed her pointing it out to us already and us having missed it):

For unto us an insufferable, narcissist jerk is born

Seriously. Not even Adolf and Josef, on their most insane days, had their cultists running around quoting John 3:16 in support of their Führer’s divinity.

We strongly suggest that you gently shove this in the face of anybody you know that calls him or herself a Christian. If they don’t at least consider piling up kindling around a stake in their back yard after that, then they must be Episcopalians.

Oh yes, the Democrat National Socialists sure are pulling out all the stops for this one, howling cultists that they are, and we think it’s time that we drag out an old classic that we used to play a lot during our brief, but extremely satisfying career as a radio host back in ’08:

For some unknown reason (we’re being sarcastic here), JihadTube ObamaTube YouTube kept placing this video behind a “censored for inappropriate content” firewall, so you may have to log in to prove that you’re over 18 to watch it. Because, after all, mocking Ear Leader is SO much more inappropriate than pr0n, haji snuff videos etc. Can’t have the young’uns be exposed to disgusting counterrevolutionary filth mocking Our Savior Obama, after all!

It’s worth the trouble, though. That video, originally made before the ’08 elections, precisely predicts what was going on and what was going to happen. Unfortunately, the DNCMedia were too busy covering for their Führer to ever notice it. Watch it. Then consider, again, that it was made before the election. It was all right there for anybody to see, but they couldn’t be arsed to look, to think, to go past Chris Tingles’ spontaneous live ejaculations. Won’t have that excuse this time, though.

Now somebody please tell us again that drawing parallels between Obama and previous historical examples of totalitarian national socialism, communism, cultism etc. is somehow “inappropriate”, “ridiculous”, “unhelpful” and “fundamentally unserious.”

Please. We can’t wait. Our Imperial ClueBat is all warmed up and ready to go and we’d love nothing more than to use it to bash the “arguments” of “pragmatists” into tiny little bloody shreds. It amuses us. Greatly.

Oh, and Godwin can wrap his lips around our engorged crank and start sucking until his cheeks implode.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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