Expressed here by one of Instapundit’s readers:

Not buying the Hillary crap [Hillary having fled the country with no intentions of coming back during the Charlotte DNC Freakshow — Emp.M.].

I have thought for a while that if the election is close, Obama would play the Hillary for VP card (I am not the only one who thought that). Now that she will supposedly be out of the country, I figure that is proof that she will be the mystery speaker and will accept the nomination for VP. If the rules allow this, then it is Obama’s only chance. the press would talk about nothing else for the remainder of this election cycle.

That is, of course, assuming that Hillary Clinton gives one rancid tiny nanoshit about Ear Leader’s reelection prospects AND cares even less about her own political future.

Neither of which seem likely to us, having studied the Clinton phenomenon for quite some time. A bit out of character, you might say, employing the Art of the British Understatement to a degree that threatens to tear the time-space continuum like a bomb in a cotton candy factory.

To take the less important of the two, we just don’t see Hillary caring one whit about the political future of the jugeared fuck who heaped misogyny on her by the truckload during the ’08 primaries (must be that time of the month etc.), gave her the stealth finger during debates, rigged the primaries and called her husband and, by extension, herself racists. That’s not the sort of thing that most people would just forgive and forget about, and certainly not that particular couple. So why the fuck she would step in to save King Jug and Moochelle by giving him “his only chance” is beyond us and way into fantasy fairy la-la land.

“To set herself up for 2016, of course, you silly Emperor twit!”

Oh yes, about that, so glad you brought that up. OK, actually the voices in my head since we couldn’t be bothered to wait for somebody to actually say it, but that’s not important right now. You know that somebody would say it, so let’s just cut to the car chase, shall we?

For her to jump aboard that particular sinking ship, she would have to be pretty damn certain that Jugear switching Token White Guy with Token White Gal would guaran-damn-fucking-tee that Jugears wins in November AND that she can somehow manipulate the most malignant narcissist in the history of our nation into not clusterfucking everything up the way he’s been clusterfucking everything up for nigh on four years, neither of which are likely propositions.

Because if she does accept a VP nomination and Jugears loses, which is quite likely (there we go with the British Understatement again), then she’s finished in politics. For one thing she’ll be damaged goods in having been part of one of the most humiliating ass-kickings in election history and, for another, she’ll be taking all the blame for it.

Unless you think for a fleeting moment that the Ball-Washer Media who have been furiously humping Jugears’ leg for years will allow their Chocolate Messiah to be tainted with blame for anything at all, much less a defeat at the polls. Don’t go to Vegas if you do. Don’t go ever. Seriously, just don’t. You can thank us later. Nope, it’ll all be Hillary’s Fault™, and if only Black Jeeeesus hadn’t tried, with his big heart and putting country before self and all, to salvage the election by adding her to the ticket, then everything would have been great and the Glorious Socialist Utopia of Next Tuesday™ would have been here already.

Does anybody seriously think that Hillary Clinton wants to roll those dice?

Consider the alternative: She says “fuck right the fuck off” and sits back to watch OgabeBidenopolous sink and then, guess what, she’s still perfectly positioned for 2016.

It’s a no-brainer as far as we’re concerned but, we suppose, if Hillary has lost her mind completely, then it could happen.

We ain’t betting on it, though.


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By Emperor Misha I

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