Imperial Staffer LC Light29ID brought it up in the open thread, and that’s as good a place to steal from as any, so here we go.

He was referring to the latest Saturday Steyn, always one of the highlights of our week, who had a few words to say about the “dog-whistling” that only Democrat Socialists can hear. As is the case with Mark Steyn always, you want to read the whole thing.

On MSNBC, Chris Matthews declared this week that Republicans use “Chicago” as a racist code word. Not to be outdone, his colleague Lawrence O’Donnell pronounced “golf” a racist code word. When Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell observed that Obama was “working to earn a spot on the PGA tour,” O’Donnell brilliantly perceived that subliminally associating Obama with golf is racist, because the word “golf” is subliminally associated with “Tiger Woods,” and the word “Tiger” is not so subliminally associated with cocktail waitress Jamie Grubbs, nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel, lingerie model Jamie Jungers, former porn star Holly Sampson, etc., etc. So by using the word “golf” you’re sending a racist dog-whistle that Obama is a sex addict who reverses over fire hydrants.

Of course, in this particular instance it’s more a reflection of the liberal fascists’ increasing desperation caused by the fact that they have nothing to run on than anything else, but Steyn does point to an overall utterly unwarranted overreaction around these parts to various and sundry maladies of society that has always amused us a bit, being not to these shores born. Such as alcoholism or just the mere drinking thereof. And “racism”, of course.

To touch upon the horrors of alcohol first, we never quite understood why the consumption thereof was treated the way it is here. To be sure, we’re not blind to the ills overconsumption can cause, but it’s the definition of what is “over” that we still have trouble grokking. As Steyn points out, nowhere in the western world are there more support groups for the victims of alcohol than here and nowhere in the world is the consumption of alcohol treated with deeper frowns or more deeply felt concern than here.

Where we come from, it is quite acceptable for youngsters, at least of the male persuasion, to get shitfaced for the first time when they celebrate their confirmation into the church. At 13 or 14 years of age. It’s a rite of passage, and much merriment is made out of the levels of utter sickness they reach when they, as they are wont, overdo it. Life Lesson #1: Know thy limits and suffer the consequences if you cross them. Also: Do not expect pity. DO expect laughter and stories that will be told until you’re too old to gum butter.

Two-martini lunches? Try five-martini lunches. We’ll never forget the expressions of utter disbelief and almost horror when we were out to lunch with our coworkers for the first time here and we committed the sacrilege of ordering a beer for our meal. Heck, the hospital staff cafeterias serve beer where we come from.

Yet nobody is ever drunk on the job because That Is Simply Not Done™. No interventions, policing or harsh policies needed. If you can’t hold your liquor yet still persist in washing it down, then you’ll suffer a much harder punishment, which is to be known as “one of those people”, somebody who doesn’t know his limits. Which has the perhaps counter-intuitive result that, in spite of our laissez-faire attitude to alcohol and when you can consume it, we aren’t awash in staggering, puking, dysfunctional alcoholics. We do have them, since we’re no better than other people and have, like every other population, people who simply can’t handle it through no fault of their own, but you would think that we had nothing but. What, with a culture where 14-year-olds having a glass of beer or wine with dinner is perfectly acceptable and all.

The stigma of failing is strong enough that you just don’t.

Same with racism.

His Imperial Majesty has never spent time in a nation less racist than the United States of America, including where we come from, and not a day goes by where we doesn’t marvel at the beauty of that. There is no “us” and “them” in this country, there are no castes, no groups of people with whom one either doesn’t associate or exercises extreme caution in associating with because, who knows, they’re different!, no snobbery, nothing of the sort. Rank and file Americans truly ARE color blind and care not one flying fuck whether you’re black, brown, white or yellow, atheist, Christian, Jew, or worship Cthulhu (some legitimate suspicions have arisen over Muslims, but that may have to do with 9/11 and the sudden realization that every single terrorist attack on this nation was perpetrated by that so-called “religion of peace”), nobody makes any difference in the way they treat you whether you’re white-collar, blue-collar or have no collar at all, you’re purely judged on character.

If anything, this nation should be bragging like fucking crazy about that attitude, because we know of no other nation on the planet that has it.

We consider ourselves quite enlightened where we come from, and we have good reason to as well, we’re a friendly people, but when we got here it still took us a while to get used to the way Americans freely mingled with groups that weren’t “their own kind” without reservations. Not because we felt any animosity at all towards groups “not our kind”, not at all, but because well, don’t you have to be careful about those things? So we were just neutral, because that’s what we were used to. Let those other people prove that they’re just like us, never assume that they are or, the American way, never not give a fuck in the first place, which is FAR superior and ought by right to be a point of pride for this nation.

For instance, we thought that being accepted as an American, having not been born here, would be a long, arduous process where we would have to prove ourself worthy of membership in the club, because that’s the way it is. Or so we thought but, then again, we come from a culture where you are married by birth to a stereotype based on what town you come from, never mind your skin color. Again, and I cannot stress this enough, this does not mean that we were brought up to dislike or look down upon “not our kind”, we were brought up to be kind to everybody, but to become “one of us” you still had to prove that you belonged.

And then we got here. All we had to do to prove that we belonged was that we wanted to belong. Nobody who is not a caste-obsessed liberal has ever referred to us as anything but an American from the day we swore the oath. We’re not “Danish-American” to anybody, including ourself, we’re just “American” as if we’d been here all of our life.

Everybody loves to say that they’re colorblind. But this is the only nation we’ve ever been where people actually mean it. And it’s beautiful. It has taught us to not give a fuck about the color, faith, original nationality, height, hair color, you name it. Because it’s all so completely and totally fucking irrelevant. We always knew that, we were brought up to know that, but there’s a huge difference between knowing it and living it.

This country, our beautiful nation, lives it.

So we find it ridiculously funny and horrible in equal measures that fuckwads in this nation still insist on obsessing about shit like that. Funny because no people on Earth are less racist than Americans and horrible because we still allow cancerous growths like liberal fascists to breathe life into the notion in an attempt to Balkanize and divide our nation in a naked attempt to gain power for themselves.

We come from a continent where we know only too well what the consequences of letting that cancer grow are. Mass graves littered all over Europe and shaming us for all eternity with their mere existence are testimony to that. So to see parasites in this nation trying to nurture that kind of disease for their own gain fills us with what can only be adequately described as hatred.

They’re destroying, or trying to destroy, something that has never existed anywhere on Earth before: a society where nobody gives a fuck where you came from or what you are, where all that matters is who you are. Because without dividing us into feuding classes they can’t hold on to power. Because if we’re not squabbling among ourselves, we might just have enough time on our hands to realize who is really holding us all down.

They’re scum.

I’m with King Harry:

For he to-day that sheds his blood with me,
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:

“Vile” meaning “different”.

Not what you are, but who you are.

E pluribus unum.

THAT is the shining city on the hill.


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