Because that’s what REAL leaders do. Just ask, or any other website out there. Because racist, so shut up!

Remember how liberal fascists were having the time of their lives feigning outrage that the GOP wouldn’t cancel their convention because Isaac, racists, “having a party while black people drown!”

The last part is an actual quote actually spoken by David “Suddenly No Longer Bureau Chief for Yahoo, D.C.” Chalian.

Because the DNC are so very concerned about the poor black people drowning and the GOP are not because they’re racists, so shut the fuck up already, racists. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the NSDWP rather not wanting to have the GOP speak in public, highlighting SCoaMF’s long litany of miserable failures right before an election. Right. Pull the other one.

But those dastardly racist, evil Rethugnicans simply would not honor the NSDWP’s reasonable requests to just call of their convention so the lack of a convention could do wonders for — OK, we don’t know exactly how the fuck the GOP not having a convention would help anybody in the path of Isaac, but we’re evil racist hatey gay-strangling little brown people-hating plutocrat bunny kickers, so what do WE know?

All that we do know is that the National Times of Tragedy and Devastation that Ought to Be Observed With Total Inactivity™ because we don’t know the fuck what didn’t as much as put a scratch in Teh One’s busy schedule of flying all over the country panhandling at local 7-11s for enough scraps to keep his campaign running on something other than unicorn farts. But why should it?

It’s not like he’s head of FEMA or anything, it’s absolutely rid…


Sorry, we have to answer this… What? Are you fucking KIDDING us? Why didn’t anybody tell us? Alright, you’re fired. *CLICK!*

OK, ahem… So it turns out that Ear Leader IS actually head of FEMA. Anyway, still, he’s a busy man and all, being the head of the strongest nation on Earth, with very important tee times to meet, donor arses to kiss and such, but the evil racist GOP were having a party, for crying out loud, with lavish dinners and…


Oh for the love of Jove… Sorry… Yes??? Fundraising dinners? 8 courses? Caviar? Lobster? Wagyu beef? Does NOBODY ever bother to tell His Imperial Majesty anything around here? Yes, you’re fired too. No, don’t bother emptying your desk. We meant “fired out of a howitzer.” Oh quit crying, you plebeian twat, we’ll notify your next of kin for you. *CLICK!*

So, where were we? Oh yes, none of this changes the fact that the GOP in general and Mitt Romney in particular had nothing better to do than to go to Louisiana, unlike Ear Leader who is a very, very important man, we’ll have you know, and much more important than any of you at any rate, so shut up. Fact of the matter is that the entire GOP, whose sworn first duty it is to put everything on hold to walk around looking concerned whenever something bad happens anywhere in the nation, flat out refused to shut down their convention and go put on a frown as they by right ought to have. As a matter of fact, Mitt Romney may very well have laughed out loud at the plight of New Orleans (we have it from Debbie Wasserkopf Schmutz herself, and PolitiFact informs us that she’s never said anything untrue in her life) and, regardless, is still doing nothing but walking around, yucking it up while black people are drowning, which only goes to pr…


Not AGAIN! Sorry… What? What, what, what, what, WHAT???? Mitt Romney? Went straight from the convention to Louisiana? Right after Ear Leader went, of course, that blatant, craven opportunist. WHAT??? It’s the other way around? Ear Leader suddenly canceled a campaign stop the moment he learned that Mitt beat him to it and is flying in as fast as he can? No, don’t bother just, just go home. We’ve had it. *CLICK!*

As we were saying…

Oh fuck it.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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