So Clint delivered another brutal smackdown of resident Zero’s stuttering clusterfuck of a miserably failed residency last night and it was good:

No, it was not a polished, carefully choreographed, telepromptered speech and that’s what worked, because L-rd knows we have had enough of those, haven’t we?

Still, we can’t help but laugh at the liberal fascists’ predictable reaction (apart from the knee-jerk screams and howls of “raaaaacism”, of course), which is to mock Clint for being demented. Which is hysterically funny considering their Veep is Joe Robinette Gaffe-Machine Biden. Who also got a swift kick to the nads from Clint, by the way.

And the empty chair trick was great on more than one level, if you get our drift.

But most of all it was what Clint said, and what he said needs to be said more often: No, DC, you didn’t fucking build this, WE own this country, and if you’re not doing the job you, our employees, are hired to do, then we not only can but should let you go.

It’s as simple as that, really, yet too many people in this nation have been brainwashed into thinking that the corrupt, lying thieves in DC are somehow our “betters”, that somehow government is “above” the rest of us and that we somehow “owe” them something, be it their parasitical sinecures or even our respect.

Respect is earned, not given. Respect is not something you’re “owed”, it’s something you have to work hard, really hard, every fucking day to earn from people who have absolutely no fucking obligation to give it to you.

The obligation goes the other way around. YOU were elected by US to do a job, and if you refuse to do it or are simply so laughably inept that you can’t do it, then you need to be let go, pink slipped, kicked out, dragged out the door by armed security and told to never show your fucking faces around the offices of USA Corp ever again.

That’s it. The end. No discussion. That goes for BOTH parties and yes, McCockless, McVain and Weepy Boner, just to name a few, we’re most definitely looking at you too! You’re on the list already, and we haven’t forgotten, in case you think you can hide behind the water cooler forever. Either get on board or start polishing your resumés, because you’re next! We can find somebody else to fill up your cubicle real quick.

And how did Obam-bam respond to being made fun of? Predictably, of course:

“I won! I WON! Poopyhead!”

Poor pwesident diaper rash wants his binky back, WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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