Now that, surprise, it appears that Todd Akin may not have thrown the Senate, Congress, the Presidency and the Universe As We Know It™ under the bus and into oblivion by clumsily saying what he’s been campaigning on all the time. McCaskill, “Conservative” Pearl Clutching Circular Firing Squad Hardest Hit.

PPP: McCaskill 45, Akin 44 in Missouri

And no, this time it’s not an obvious ploy to keep a hopeless candidate in the race by skewing the poll R+9. This one is R+2, which is actually pretty damn close to the distribution historically.

Over to you, Allahpundit, and put down the damn pearls and smelling salts already.

It is conceivable that Hopenchange and its Senate enablers will fail so miserably that even Akin can ride the public’s disgust to victory.

It is indeed. You forgot, however, to add “and the RINOglican punditry pearl clutchers” in between “Senate enablers” and “will fail so miserably.”

But then, the argument against him isn’t that he absolutely can’t win (although plenty of strategists believe that), it’s that he’s making a seat that’s easily winnable into a toss-up.

Is that so, Allahpundit. The argument against him isn’t that he’s unelectably toxic?

Hmmm… Let’s jump into the Magic Time Machine. Here’s Allahpundit talking about Akin’s chances six (6) days ago:

…in this case those voters went to the polls without knowing yet that he’d quickly become unelectably toxic.

Maybe our language skills aren’t quite as good as an impeccably credentialed pundit’s are, but that looks a whole lot like “unelectably toxic” to us which, as far as we understand, has pretty much the exact same meaning as “absolutely can’t win” as opposed to “might win.”

But then again, we realize that a lot of things can change in all of six (6) days, including the narrative if it looks like a plate of nasty crow might be in one’s future.

Not to mention that we seriously doubt that the entire Wobbly Surrender Monkey Wing of the right wing punditry would have thrown a synchronous hissy fit, practically declaring the Republic over, OVER WE TELL YOU!!!1!!!1! and reaching for the cyanide capsules, boxes of chocolate and back issues of Cosmopolitan if the entire issue had been that Akin’s comments “might have” cost us a Senate seat. They’re hysterical alright, but not that hysterical.

So if Akin ends up winning the thing — which we personally still aren’t all that convinced that he will, but we’re not about to change our line on a daily basis, we’d rather eat our crow like a man — we’re pretty much sure that the narrative among the testosterone-inhibited Wobbling Warblers of the right wing punditry will be that the real issue they had with him wasn’t that he was ever going to lose, but he could have won by a much larger margin if he’d only kept his idiot Christofascist SoCon Hillbilly Sister-Humping yap shut.


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