LC readerjp points out a bit we didn’t quote in the previous post about the NPR meltdown:

In the video, Ron Schiller was meeting with two men posing as wealthy would-be Muslim donors who said they wanted to make a $5 million, no-strings-attached contribution, according to reports. The Muslim donors were discussing Jewish control of the media; Schiller added his sentiments saying that “Zionist influence” doesn’t exist at NPR, but “it’s there in those who own newspapers obviously.

Hardly surprising, really. After all, why would the current national socialists be any different from the previous national socialists, but it still bears repeating.

One common thread throughout socialism is their irrational hatred of the Jews and, if you have nothing else to identify them by, you can always pick them out in a crowd that way.

What it’s founded in, this hatred, is one of the most base human emotions: Envy.

Jews have, from the Diaspora to the re-creation of Eretz Yisroel, been very successful. They had to, since it was the only way they could survive in the foreign lands they were forced to live in, having no nation of their own.

To normal people like you and I, theirs is an example to follow. They, as a people, personify the saying that “if life hands you only lemons, make lemonade.” Their refusal to submit, their survival instinct is something we can all learn from and, speaking of the LCs of the Empire, something that we already live by.

To socialists, on the other hand, having no redeeming qualities whatsoever, such success in others causes envy instead of inspiration, murderous envy. History proves it.

Socialism is nothing but envy, the hatred of anybody who has something you want but don’t have, hatred to the point where murder is just another way of taking what you have convinced yourself is rightfully yours, simply because you want it.

Ask the 100,000,000+ people who got in the way of the single most murderous ideology, pisslam included, that has ever disgraced our planet.

Oh wait, you can’t. They’re all dead. It’s not about religion, it’s about envy. OK, we take that back. To socialists, envy is a religion.

We rest our case.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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