Todd Akins is sacrificed on the alter of political correctness, but unfortunately for his addle-pated GOP executioners, he won’t hold still for the killing stroke.  OblameBush‘s fifth column in the fourth estate wields Tropical Storm Isaac like a chainsaw in a ‘B’ grade horror movie to threaten the RNC in Tampa.  The forecast calls for rain.

This morning, Chris Matthews goes ballistic at Reince Priebus, apologetic and otherwise ineffectual chairman of the RNC, over the Romney joke about his birth certificate.  Geico (my auto insurer – they have heard from me on this) cuts America’s favorite drill sergeant, R. Lee Ermey, loose for comments he allegedly made about the Demander-in-Chief.

Okay, I’ll bite – is the GOP playing a really esoteric long game here?  Have they not yet figured out that President Downgrade Hussein O’Foodstamp and his enablers will talk about anything other than the economy?  Or are they, once again, being played like first-time new car buyers?

This election will be lost by trying to compete toe-to-toe with what some surveys estimate is a main stream media contingent 90% of whom are Democrats.  While the GOP reacts ten times a day to the twisted, invented story-du-jour, the modern version of Rome continues to burn.

This election will be won by forcing voters to come to grips with a few essential, inescapable facts.  The first is that the fiscal policies of the incumbent are not intended to benefit Americans.  Despite having had an entire term with which to come to grips with the state of our economy, full-time employment under President Forward has not, in any single day, been greater that the number of full-time employed on the last day that the hated and villified George W. Bush was in office.  The national debt grows by entire developed-nation GDPs each year. Growth in enrollment in Social Security Disability Insurance outpaces employment.  There is no precedent for this in the modern era.  Malice or incompetence, it does not matter.  It must be addressed.

The second is that without leadership that is prepared to address our dire state of fiscal affairs, this nation is doomed to malaise, decline and depression.  We still are not having the correct conversations about this issue.  Let’s look at some historical facts:

In 1970, the federal government spent about $196 billion.  This was 19 percent of GDP.  In 2011, it spent $3.6 trillion, about 25% of GDP.  Lets look even closer:

Category % Spending 1970 % Spending 2011 % Change
Medicare 3.2% 13.0% 7905%
Health 3.0% 10.5% 6683%
Justice 0.5% 1.5% 5873%
Food stamps/income aid 8.0% 15.5% 3701%
Energy 0.5% 0.6% 2394%
Social Security 15.5% 19.2% 2332%
Total Govt Spending $196 billion $3.6 trillion 1837%

These are the fastest growing categories of spending in the federal budget over this period, showing each category that is growing faster than total federal government spending at 1837% over the period.  What about Defense, the liberal whipping boy that is always trotted out as the reason for our budget problems:

Category % Spending 1970 % Spending 2011 % Change
Defense 41.8% 19.6% 818%

Perhaps most telling of all is the fact that during this same period, inflation has been about 462%.  This means that while defense spending increased at a little less than twice the rate of inflation, overall government spending increased at more than four times the rate of inflation, with some of these categories increasing at up to 17 (!!1!) times the rate of inflation.  Worth noting also that of all of the categories listed, Defense is the only one expressly defined as a federal responsibility in the Constitution.

Due to similar trends at the state and local levels, we have reached a point where total government spending in our country accounts for 46% of our GDP.  This is a destructive, not creative influence on our economy, since the government only spends money it has either first taken from a productive individual or borrowed through the creation of debt.

Forget for now that our national debt has grown so large so rapidly that if interest rates were to return to historical averages, our interest payments on the national debt would grow to near the size of our current budget deficit just by itself.

This is the kind of historical perspective we need to have if we are going to save this nation from the real threat posed by Obama Debt Laden and from the dustbin of history.  Let us all remind Republicans each day to return the debate to the issue of our economy and the proper fiscal discipline required of our leadership.

Oh, and I have finally convinced the Emperor to let me have the microphone from time to time. Let me know what you think.

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By LC SecondMouse

Find me on twitter at @DiscardedVirtue Retired CEO. Constitutional conservative. Mortal enemy of moral hazard, ignorance and collectivism. Traveler on the Inner Journey, Zen Buddhist, Taoist. Walker of The Way. Teacher and Student.

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