So sayeth the Ogabe campaign and the DNCMedia (but we repeat ourself) in their latest attempt to create a distraction after Romney jokingly said that at least nobody’s ever asked him or his wife to show their birth certificate. Obviously to illustrate that nobody’s ever wondered whether Romney was an American with American values or not, which has nothing to do with one’s skin color. His Majesty is, just to name one example out of thousands, still not at all convinced about Noam Chimpsky’s “Americanness” and we dare anybody to call that “racist.”

But no, the Birtherism has to stop, according to the DNCMedia/Ogabe Campaign, because that’s what Romney is because of that comment: A Birther! Burn the witch!

Much to our surprise, this didn’t immediately start a self-flagellating “be the first to denounce him” gang hump on Twitter, calling for Romney to step down. The vampires must have had their blood lust sated for the time being. But we digress.

Because the nonsense really has to stop. It’s an obvious distraction whenever people keep bringing it up, people like this guy:

When will those Birthers give it up already?

Yep, that’s right. This is the bio that he fed to his publisher and used for fifteen years until he decided to run for president. Then he had it altered.

Why did he lie for fifteen years, that vile Birther scumbag?



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By Emperor Misha I

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