LC & IB Mike Hendrix has a most excellent post up that is your required reading for the day.

Only one mistake in it that we can find, and it’s one that we see all too often:

For them [the Democrat National Socialists — Emp.M.], government is the repository of all that is righteous and just and morally upright, and the gulags and killing fields simply never enter their empty heads — because, hey, this time, it will be diff’runt. Just like every other time.

Oh, the gulags, killing fields and concentration camps do enter their heads, because it’s part of their history. The reason they don’t like to talk about them isn’t that they’re ashamed, because they’re absolutely not and thinking so is a huge tactical mistake because it implies the assumption that they have any morals at all, it’s because talking about them is unhelpful to their Glorious Cause™.

Believe you me, brother: The moment they, G-d forbid, are in control, they will not hesitate one nano-second in opening the valves and letting the Zyklon B flow if they think for a second that it will help them get their way.

It’s just that they’re not yet at the stage where they can talk about that. And if they do reach that stage, there’ll be no reason to talk about it at all because it will be too late.

Never underestimate your enemy. It is a basic rule, one of the most basic ones. Assuming that socialists have any shame, moral or ethics at all is not only a mistake, it’s a huge one. And it may be the last one we get to make as a free nation.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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