For your Saturday morning emetics in case Friday was a hard night and you need some of the toxins out of your system, we bring you the story of this new monument to the Greatness of All Things Related to The Great Barack™, a plaque memorializing the spot where Der FUBAR and his missus, Eva Braun Moochelle Antoinette, first swapped spit:

She was an attorney at a big Chicago law firm. He was a Harvard Law student who landed a job there as a summer associate. He was immediately smitten. She wasn’t so sure. But he won her over, and the couple sealed their budding romance with a kiss at the Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Hyde Park.

So goes the story of how Michelle and Barack Obama fell in love in 1989. And on Wednesday, a historical marker went up at the corner of Dorchester Avenue and 53rd Street noting the exact location where the couple had their first smooch.

A quote from President Obama, taken from an interview published in “O, The Oprah Magazine” in February 2007, is inscribed beneath an embedded photo of the couple.

“On our first date, I treated her to the finest ice cream Baskin-Robbins had to offer, our dinner table doubling as the curb. I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate.”

Stand by as Hawaii erects a monument to the spot where Teh Great Barack first went #2 on his own, not to mention the spot where he first discovered choom.

Now pardon us while we go revisit our lunch.

FUBAR befehl! Wir folgen dir!


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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