We’re going to refrain from quoting the article, just go read it, but we’ll bullet point a few things that are now a fact of life in formerly “great” Britain:

  • Non-mooselimb students being punished for refusing to pray to allah
  • Non-mooselimb students being forced to visit mosques and recite the shahada “there is no god but allah and mohamhead is his prophet”
  • No pork on the menu as it might “offend” the famously tolerant “religion of peace.”
  • No teaching about the Crusades unless it’s all about a bunch of hating, bigoted whiteys raping, pillaging and murdering peaceful, defenseless, innocent mooselimbs who’d never done anything to invite a military response.
  • Mandatory lying about who invented algebra and the number zero in order to make mooselimbs feel better about their utter lack of accomplishments.
  • And finally, for emphasis, because it is by far the most egregious offense in His Imperial Majesty’s opinion, a total Hush Order on teaching about the Shoah (or Holocaust) as it might “offend” the famously tolerant and peaceful “religion of peace.”

Yeah, that’s right. Teaching school children historical facts that might detract from the pisslamic myth that Joooos are evil, bloodsucking, genocidal vampires controlling everything and therefore guilty of every evil to have ever happened is now verboten in at least some schools in “great” Britain. The Holocaust never happened. Because to acknowledge it might cause people to sit up and take notice whenever the “religion of peace” tries to finish the job that Hitler started, which they do on a fucking daily basis.

After all, what other reason could there be for nixing teaching about the Holocaust? Surely it can’t be “offensive” to mooselimbs to teach about the horrible evil committed by a bunch of lily-white, decidedly non-mooselimb Nazi monsters. It’s not like anybody is claiming that Adolf’s rise to power was facilitated by Saudi Arabia or that he learned his insane hatred of Jews in a mooselimb madrasssah (although he might well have, had mooselimb madrassahs been present in Europe back then).

The only reason for eliminating the Shoah from curricula is that it might dilute the persistent propaganda from the religion of piss that Jews Are Evil™, because it’s really bloody hard to see somebody as evil if you just read an account of him watching his wife and children being led off to the gas chambers for the “crime” of being Jewish.

We’ll admit that we, at some points, were tired of hearing about the Holocaust too when we were a kid, but that wasn’t because we felt that it was unimportant. It was because we had a few teachers along the way who taught it, not as a tool to teach us the valuable lesson that this could happen everywhere and we needed to be on our guard for the warning signs, something we have always agreed with because those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, but as a tool to teach us that Germans are evil, which is fucking nonsense. Yes, the Germans guilty of it most assuredly were, but they were for the most part dead when we were growing up and, more importantly, Germans aren’t the only ones to ever be sucked into that sort of disgusting hatred. Just look at the entire fucking mooselimb world today if you need a current example.

It needs to be taught, because yes, Virginia, it can happen everywhere, including right here where we live particularly if we let our guard down by pretending it never happened.

That’s actually why the Holocaust is such a perfect teaching tool if used correctly: Because it happened in Germany, of all places. We’re not talking about some primitive, superstitious, tribal society stuck in pre-medieval times (such as every fucking single solitary place where pisslam is currently the state religion), we’re talking about a nation that was, at the time, one of the most enlightened nations in the world with a cultural heritage that most other nations would eat their young to have. And they’re still pretty far up on the list.

That’s precisely why the Holocaust and the rise of Nazism is such an effective cautionary tale because that means that yes, it could happen right the fuck here too!

But “great” Britain has decided to drop that because it might “offend” mooselimbs.

G-d help us!

And He will, because He promised that. Genesis 12:3.

It is going to suck mightily for those who choose to forget, though, but we really couldn’t care less at this point. They deserve what they’re about to get, and they deserve it in spades.



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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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