I was going to reply to this comment from Fa Cube Itches (I love that nick, by the way), but I decided, in my Infinite Imperial Wisdom, that it deserves a post.

It was a reply to the statement that “if what we, as conservatives, actually believe in isn’t popular enough to win elections, then we shouldn’t win elections.”

Fair point, but it brings up the rather sticky question of “What then?” Do conservatives simply accept that the more popular doctrine won, and therefore sit back and embrace socialism/communism? Emigrate to somewhere less enamored of communism? Push for secession in states/regions where there might be enough people to go along with their beliefs? Open revolt? Keep beating the dead horse in the face of an ever more dumbed down and heavily indoctrinated populace, hoping against hope that somehow this time things will turn out differently?

Another fair point, to be sure, and one that can’t be ignored.

The answer, however, is as simple as it is unpleasant.

I’ll start off by quoting my Old Guard buddy Mike Hendrix, who was talking, on the exact same day that we was reading that response, about something just like that:

The sorry pass at which we now find ourselves–staggering debt; incomprehensible spending; a moribund economy; an enervated, cynical populace unsure of themselves and mistrustful of their fellow citizens; a feckless, wholly corrupt political class devoid of integrity and incapable of true statesmanship; an unintelligible morass of burdensome regulation which often contradicts its own directives and hampers instead of protects; a nation groping down a blind alley of failure, stagnation, decadence, and despair, looking for some way, any way, out–was not some random event, brought on by errors in management and requiring only slight adjustments and corrections. It was the inevitable and entirely predictable result of allowing a philosophy based on compulsion, harassment, suppression, skepticism, and distrust to take root and flourish.

It must be defeated and destroyed, root, branch, and bough. It must be. Otherwise, we are lost–and with us, the last, best hope of freedom on earth. As such, this is not a fight to be lamented, or shied away from. Our divisions are real, are not superficial or insignificant. This is a battle worth fighting. This is a hill worth dying on. Many have before us, after all. Many. We do them no honor by failing to recognize what’s at stake for the sake of a false civility or an unworthy accommodation–or a temporary, face-saving, peace-keeping expedient. Quite the opposite, in fact.

We have very few choices at this point. The tactic employed by the RINO GOP so far, one of appeasement and compromise, is a tactic that can only lead to defeat.

There can be no compromise between two worldviews so different that one cannot coexist with the other.

You cannot, logically, be a citizen and a subject at the same time, just as you cannot be “a little bit pregnant.”

The progressive worldview sees us all as mindless sheep who need the guidance of a class of “experts”, philosopher kings who know better than we do what is in our own best interest. You can call it “Nazism”, “Socialism”, “Communism”, “Fascism”, “Progressivism” or any number of other names that the enemies of the primacy of the individual have swapped around when the most recent one became unfashionable, but the end result is the same: Individuals are rebellious anomalies who must be herded into their pens for their own good.

Our Founding Fathers, on the other hand, recognized that we are all individuals and, as such, have certain unalienable rights, G-d given (or you can call them “innate” if the notion of a G-d gives you the cooties, it’s the same thing) and therefore something that cannot, must not ever be taken away. They also recognized that there are a few, very few and therefore enumerated things where you have to grant government rights in order to ensure that the nation protecting the unalienable rights continues to exist, such as the defense of said nation. They weren’t idiots (synonym: “anarchists”) and they fully realized that it doesn’t really matter a whole fucking lot what your nation protects if they lack the means to protect it.

But they were really, really careful in limiting government’s powers, so much so that they explicitly stated that if the Constitution didn’t clearly give government a power, then it remained with the people or with the state that they lived in. We like to call our Founding Fathers “geniuses” but, in all fairness, they had the advantage of having a brand new nation without history, traditions and precedents to play with, so they could basically start from scratch, taking what had worked over the past couple of millennia and discarding what had failed. Still, they got it perfectly right.

But such a vision cannot coexist with progressivism/fascism/nazism/liberalism/socialism/communism.

And that is why compromise is not a virtue, it is simply a way of surrendering more slowly to your enemy.

So the answer to your question is simple: If originalism cannot survive as a platform, then those of us who stubbornly refuse to become subjects have three options, and only three:

1) Surrender and stay, living out our lives as slaves.

2) Surrender and leave, hoping to set up a free nation elsewhere (our ancestors did that, but they had the luxury of an entire continent as of yet unpolluted by collectivist thought).

3) Stay and fight.

I’m with 3).

So far, I have and continue to believe that we can accomplish victory that way by peaceful means. But if we can’t, then that doesn’t change the equation. I cannot and I WILL not live as a subject, I WILL not be a slave. I will do anything to achieve that goal through peaceful means short of surrender, because you cannot be “half a slave.” There ARE no grades of freedom. No compromise is available to us. Compromise is not a virtue when the two worldviews that you’re accepting a compromise between are fundamentally incompatible, it is surrender, and it is cowardice. You’re turning down the pain on yourself by making it gradual instead of instant by selling your children and grandchildren into slavery.

I carry the banner of freedom openly and without compromise for the very simple reason that I do not believe in deceit. Say what you mean and mean what you say. I pray that this will bring victory as honesty is more compelling, but I also don’t want any man or woman to ever be able to say that they did not know where I stood because I lied to them about where I stood. Love me or hate me, but do so for the right reasons.

I believe in the power of truth, but if it is not enough to overcome the creeping fascism of today, then I welcome the fight.

But never let it be known that I flew false colors.

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By Emperor Misha I

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