DrewM finds an article by the hacks at Politico, in which they, after searching the DC cocktail circuit for almost three entire minutes, manage to find a bunch of anonymous “Republicans” who are terribly, terribly terrified of the notion that the extreme extremist severely conservative hater wingnut Paul Ryan might actually, you know, choose to stand up for the things that “Republicans” keep claiming that they stand for. Until they turn around and stab us in the back again, of course.

Yes, we were as stunned as you undoubtedly are right now. Politico managed to find “Republicans” whose biggest fear is anybody saying something even remotely Republican in public, and in that conservative bastion of conservatism, Washington DC! The mind boggles!

What actually made us read the post, DrewM’s, not Politico’s predictable blather, was his perfect distillation of the real problem facing us:

The GOP can either stand for some key things and be willing to fight for them in a battle of ideas or it can constantly worry “what will the Democrats and DMM (Democratic Media Machine) say?”. If it’s the latter then we are giving them a hecklers veto over every Republican nomination. If our ideas can’t be explained in a way that convinces a majority of Americans we are right, then we don’t deserve to win an election. That’s…democracy. [Emphasis ours — Emp.M]

And that’s exactly it, isn’t it? And has been for quite some time.

We are constantly being told by “pragmatic conservatives”, wringing their hands and clutching their pearls, that they really, really DO agree with every little bit that conservatism preaches and they would love to see us using that as a platform, but we can’t, don’t you see? Because the pwecious “independents” would immediately, if faced with the horrible vision of balanced budgets, low taxes and full employment, run to embrace Marxism instead.

In other words, what the so-called “moderate conservatives” to whom we’re all supposed to listen lest we be branded Visigoth haters and Hobbits are really saying is that they believe that the ideas for which they allegedly stand are wildly unpopular and that, therefore, we must lie to the voters in order to sneak those ideas in through the back door.

In other, other words: They are, in principle, no different from their Democrat Socialist counterparts. Dishonest, two-faced, lying hacks who openly admit that they will do anything, say anything to get their way.

And we’re supposed to be listening to those dishonest nithlings? Why? Because what this nation needs is more dishonesty, dishonor and deceit?

Count His Imperial Majesty out. We say what we mean and mean what we say, and if that happens to be unpopular, then so be it. At least nobody will ever be able to put our sacred honor in dispute, and nobody will ever be able to call us an opportunistic, lying hack. We’ll take that over anything that the Country Club GOP has to offer.

If what we, as conservatives, actually believe in isn’t popular enough to win elections, then we shouldn’t win elections. Because we’d be winning them under false premises and we would, in that case, be no better than the lying Democrat National Socialist swine that we claim to be different from.

Besides, His Imperial Majesty firmly believes that fiscal responsibility, full employment, strong defense, low taxes and limited government intrusion into our lives is a platform that will win elections. But perhaps that’s because we, unlike the “brilliant minds” of the Country Club GOP, don’t consider our fellow countrymen (what the Country Club GOP would refer to as “the common rabble”) a bunch of drooling fuckwits utterly incapable of recognizing good from bad.

We’re funny that way.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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