We just keep learning. We have been positively disgustingly behind in keeping up with Ogabe’s Brownshirts’ New Civility™.

For instance, now we learn that the best and most civil, unhurtful way, if you’re a liberal fascist, to oppose the views and candidacies of individuals that you don’t agree with politically is to go after their children and try to have them thrown out of school, grab their research and claim it for your own and destroy their futures.

Because of the CIVILITY!

Meet the new Nazis, the same as the old Nazis.

We must agree with LC & IB Jeff, from whom we grabbed this article, when he states that:

After we get the country back, it’s time for some de-nazification in our universities and in our mainstream press. Or we can just scrap both and start from scratch.

As long as we finish the de-nazification this time because, as we recall, when we got done after the last feeble attempt at Nuremberg, there were still plenty of socialists left in the wild who were not dangling at the end of a rope, which is the only right and proper place for those useless parasites.

Rope is organic, reusable and, to top it off, the sound of socialist corpses, if you attach steel plates to them, is so very soothing for the soul when they swing back and forth in a lazy summer’s breeze.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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