Yes, we know. Shocking, right?

A veteran US law-enforcement official has filed a blockbuster discrimination lawsuit against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, charging she pushed him aside to make way for a less-qualified woman who’s “enjoyed a long-standing relationship” with the anti-terror American chief.

Fixed it for you, since it has become obvious that the only thing that Janet Bull Dyke Incompetano’s Reichssicherheitshauptamt is “anti” is anything not having to do with actual terrorism.

As to the “long-standing relationship” we’d rather not go there. We’re already way back ordered on the Brain Bleach, so we’d really rather not speculate on what sort of “relationship” Janet Reno Incompetano might have had going on. We mean, seriously, have you seen a picture of her? A male Yeti wouldn’t go near that snatch.

It all sounds strangely credible to us, which is why we know for a fact that in our current “all Americans are equal before the law but some are more equal than others” society, this will end up in a great big heap of nothing while parasitical politicians (we apologize for the redundancy) on both sides take credit for the non-outcome. While Mitch McCockless and John Boner cry orange tears of compassion while bending over for another delicious arse-fucking. Heaven knows it’s the closest they’re ever likely to get to actual sex.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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