Here we are with the Chicago Cocksucker™ accusing Romney of 2 or maybe 3 felonies and what has been his response? Nada. He’s still on the high road playing nicey-nice with his rubber knife whilst the other side is using high-caliber automatic weapons. As much as most of us have decided Mittens has a bit of a good side he’s still the same old milquetoast. In spite of knowing that most of the poll numbers are skewed into irrelevance, the ones that are reasonable still show Ogabe leading. WTF? We like to assume that the majority of thinking citizens are awake this time around and we’ll kick the Socialist Shitbag™ back to swap spit with Rahm in Chi-town but nazzo fast Guido. We’re up against at least three large groups here that no matter what are going to pull for Team ‘O’. We have the far-left loon faithful types, the black monolith and most importantly, the roughly 1/3 of the country that’s at the government trough, snorting other people’s money as fast as they can. Entitlements, welfare, funemployment and the ultimate solution, permanent government disability, which is growing dramatically. We have the largest population in history receiving some sort of federal benefit and human nature tells us that people will always vote for bread and circuses, especially if someone else ultimately foots the bill.

The attack ads intent on character assassination will have their effect. That bread and circuses crowd has a demonstrable short attention-span and utter horseshit like Septic Joe will stick in their heads. What of our sides response so far? Nuttin. The utter dishonesty, deceitfulness and just plain sleaze should evoke a vicious retort. Some of that shit would get you a punch in the jaw on the street, so why can’t the Party of Stoopid find a single scrotal hair to punch back, harder.

Simple answer, it’s fucking Romney. If he hasn’t decided to fight by now, he’ll never fight. Some folks are hoping the Veep pick will be an attack dog for him, but really people. When they keep mentioning Rob Portwho? as a running mate, it’s over. Romney above all, is a careful, calculating business executive, that type is not known for making the snap decisions needed to keep on the offensive in this campaign. Isn’t it stupid to think that Mittens is going to pick someone completely opposite of his own personality? The needed storm-trooper to nail these cocksuckers each and every time they pull this shit. Not a chance.

We cannot count on anyone at the national or even state level to go on the offensive. This one is up to us alone. We must get our networks going, take notes, grab video and audio clips and start a massive circulation going. There’s no good reason why the Septic Ad can’t be edited with the actual truth, google-bombed and pushed into going viral. This might be our last chance to use the internet free of interference.

We have everything factual needed to destroy this administration, so why are even the somewhat honest polling numbers not telling the story they should?

This is buyer’s remorse, plain and simple for the establishment. We got another McCain shoved up our asses. We’ve been faithful in trying to rally behind our forced candidate, but the fuck won’t even come out of the dugout to go to bat against these turds. If we were wrong about Mittens, he should have at least a 15-point lead in the polls 90-days out of election day.

Just remember, as distasteful as it is, negative campaigning is effective. It’s damn well time for us get on that wagon.

Let’s not fuck it up. As Misha said earlier, Nov. 6 is the last peaceful box we have to use.

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