Just like he did with the auto industry, which has been such a smashing success until you start looking into the actual numbers.

We’d link, but it’s Politico so you’re just going to have to do your own Googling.

“I said, I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back,” he said.

It has? That’s news to anybody in the world who actually has been watching, but if you say so, Mein Führer, then it must be true.

“Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.

You want the government to take over every single industry in the country, firing anybody who’s not a member of a union, stealing the property of bond holders in direct violation of the law (which “pragmatic conservatives” don’t care about because it would be “unhelpful” to point out the truth) and foot the taxpayers with the bill? We already knew that, but thanks for clarifying.

“Pragmatic conservatives” urging everybody to not take this too seriously because the Kenyan Kommie Kunt is “really just a good man a bit in over his head” in 4…3…2…

This bastard has to be removed from office, and tomorrow would be three years too late.

Then he needs to be tried, convicted and executed for treason in ways that would make Satan himself vomit with disgust.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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