Listen, we all know that if Ogabe the Tyrant is still the president in 2013, we’re past the first three boxes if we want to turn this ship around. We’re past it even if we don’t because what can’t go on, won’t.

And we have some personal experience in that area, a few insignificant decades, so if you’re itching to tell us that “socialism isn’t all that bad”, then kindly save your time, because you’re ignorant fucks who don’t even deserve an answer.

What annoys us a bit is the “oh yeah, but Romney isn’t all that either, so what’s the difference?”

First of all, you really don’t need to tell US that he’s hardly a good candidate, seeing as how he’s the architect of OromneyCare and a former governor of the most ridiculous state in the Union, but he’s what we’ve got in November.

Second of all, you don’t need to harangue us about the lack of wisdom in accepting another shit sandwich, because we’re only too familiar with that concept as well. A whole heck of a LOT more familiar than anybody who had the good fortune to be shat out here as opposed to somewhere else.

Our “thing” is that we know, more intimately that we want to, that we have two options here, and only two: We can try to fix this issue peacefully or we’ll be forced to fix it at gunpoint. What can’t go on, won’t go on, and throwing a protest vote for Mickey Mouse is only going to speed up the process to the point where we have to go all “fuck King George” on Washington DC. Sure, speeding up the process will get us to that point quicker, but it’s not the only option.

Now we’ll hear how voting for the crap sandwich didn’t solve anything, that it only got us more of the same, and they’re all RIGHT.

But that’s because WE failed. We, as a people. WE thought that getting the Democrat National Socialist out of office was all that we needed to do. We got rid of the Clinton regime by defeating Gore (after the liberal fascists had done all they could and then some to overturn a legitimate result) and then we promptly went back to sleep. Dubya was in office and the Republic was saved. Wrong. But that DOESN’T mean that getting Dubya in office was a mistake, it just means that we didn’t keep up the pressure to get rid of the RINO traitors in our own ranks.

It took the lawless regime of Obongo to wake people up to that fact and, in that, he may have done us a very unintentional favor.

Getting Ogabe shipped back to Chicago in a U-Haul is not going to solve our problem as a nation, but it IS going to buy us a bit of time to consolidate and mount a counter-offensive. The peaceful kind.

IF we keep the pressure up, and we’re hopeful that we can. Because even after the 2010 midterm ass-kicking, American Patriots are STILL kicking arse and bleaching out the Country Club RINO party. We just need somebody in the White House who won’t be in there to destroy us while we plan our counterattack.

When our heroic defenders held up the German advance at St. Vith for several crucial days and the 101st AB held up the Germans at Bastogne, it didn’t defeat the Nazis. But it bought the time to do so.

But only because we didn’t say “OK, so we stopped the Nazis, so we can go home now.”

You have to slow the enemy down first. Then you can assemble the forces necessary to destroy him, but only if your goal is the destruction of the enemy. Not slowing him down, but destroying him. And socialism, no matter what it might call itself, is the enemy. It must be destroyed. But in order to destroy it, we have to slow its advance first.

And that’s what November is all about.

OR we can just skip to the inevitable and go for the guns.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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