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Mr. Page had an extensive presence on Hammerskin and other white nationalist Web sites, including Stormfront, where he favored the names of his bands as user names and “frequently included white supremacist symbolism” in his postings. He concluded one posting with “88,” a number frequently used by neo-Nazis and skinheads to mean “Heil, Hitler,” according to SITE. (H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.)

Of course, the Nazi tattoos might also have been a slight hint of his extremist socialist leanings.

We interrupt for a brief Public Service Announcement:


Dear Leftist drive-by trolls,

Kindly don’t waste your time trying to explain to us how National Socialism isn’t “Socialism” or, for that matter, if you really want to beclown yourselves in your absurd pretzels of illogic, how “Socialism” isn’t really “leftist” at all. We’re not saying so because you’re not “allowed” to say so here, you can say anything you damn well please on this site (as opposed to most leftist sites where the slightest deviation from ideology will get you a ban hammer in your face), we just genuinely don’t want you to waste your time trying to elicit a response to a moron who can’t even make it through the name of the Nazi party, NationalSozialistischer Deutsche ArbeiterPartei without its two synapses melting down.

No, don’t bother with “that’s just what he called himself” either, it only makes you look silly. It would be like you trying to make the case that His Imperial Majesty would be better off gaining power for conservatism by naming his party, were he to found one, “The Leninist Socialist Front of America.” Somehow we don’t think that would sell too well among our fellow conservatives.

Finally, if the bleeding obvious isn’t enough for you and, honestly, if you voted for Ogabe thinking that he wouldn’t utterly destroy our economy then it probably isn’t, we’ll leave the rest of how Hitler (and the Nazis, remember those? That’s what his fucking PARTY MEMBERS called themselves was a bona fide, card-carrying socialist to this fine gentleman who is, after all, a Ph.D. and everything. He also has a brain, unlike you gullible fools. Oh, and he can read. You might want to try it one day.


So… Is His Imperial Majesty the only one who seems to see a pattern here? Every single time some extreme violent incident happens and it isn’t just a random nutjob off his meds doing the murdering, the perp pretty much always seems to have leftist leanings? Timothy McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald, that crazy fuck who flew a plane into an IRS building etc. Compare and contrast with, say, those “dangerous right wing extremists” of, for instance, the Tea Party. “Dangerous extremist” being the appellation used by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the OgabeMedia and the Department of Homeland Security, none of which are to be taken seriously by anybody who’s sentient. So far, those “dangerous right wing extremists” of the Tea Party have a combined count of incidents of rape, murder, assorted other acts of violence and even minor vandalism of, wait for it, ZERO.

The Occupy Mom’s Basement retards can’t even keep their count that low going to the bathroom.

Yet Beware the Tea Party™!

Oh, and we should probably hasten to retract a bit here regarding our statement that only leftists seem to be guilty of random acts of extreme violence against innocents. Not All Muslims™ are even worse in that respect, but we can’t mention that because RACISM. There’s some secret verse in the Koran specifically limiting Islam to one race, obviously, and we can’t wait for the leftist liberal fascists to let us know what that verse is.

“Oh, but he was a White Supremacist! That’s so very right wing!”, we hear the feeble minds of the liberal fascist whine. You mean “white supremacist” as in “The Democrat Party?” The ones who fought equal treatment of all races tooth and nail until they decided, retroactively, that they were all about equal rights after their attempts to derail desegregation in 1964 failed miserably? After the “conscience of the Senate” (at least now the racist shit is dead we don’t have to even pretend that the Senate has a conscience) failed in his bid to filibuster the right of black people to be treated like human beings. The former Grand Kleagle of the KKK? Obviously that was just a “youthful indiscretion”, much like it was a “youthful indiscretion” that made Joseph Goebbels the head of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry. He didn’t really mean it, you know, and he did say he was sorry about all of the mean things he said about the Jews, so quit harping on that you evil right wing extremist bastards!

No, he didn’t really apologize, but that was only because he killed himself because he was too much of a coward to live with the consequences of his actions. If he’d been alive now, he’d be the governor of KKKalifornikate.

Yeah. The Republicans are the White Supremacists, in spite of the historical fact that the Republican Party was formed specifically to combat the treatment of blacks as inferior and, by extension, to combat the party that stood for racism, the Democrat Party.

Of course, none of all of that matters since the OgabeMedia picked up on the fact that the temple-shooting cockroach once served in the Armed Forces. It’s a two-fer as far as the OgabeMedia is concerned. First of all they don’t have to acknowledge that the subhuman was a leftist like their beloved Ogabe and, second of all, they get to play their usual “veterans are psychotic killers” card. The very same veterans without whom the OgabeMedia wouldn’t have the freedom to spew their hateful shit.

A simple “thank you” would have sufficed, you hateful, lying, useless media swine.

Rope. Tree. Journalist.
Some assembly required.


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By Emperor Misha I

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