It’s not all that often that His Imperial Majesty throws out whole-heartedly endorsements of literature, because we’re a picky old bastard (and arrogant too), so we really have to be primed to go that far.

Of course “not often” does imply that exceptions exist, and this is one such exception.

When we run across a book that is A) written by somebody whom we personally know and whose work we’ve read before, B) somebody whose research is impeccable, and who doesn’t hate it when it isn’t?, C) somebody who’s a Great American, a True Patriot and a curmudgeonly raconteur to boot, D) somebody who knows how to tell a story that just keeps dragging you in and last, but not least, E) happens to be one of the select few near and dear friends whom we’d not only share our foxhole but also our Scotch with, it’s pretty well nigh impossible not to throw it out there.

Some of you may recognize the name of the author. Those who do not have our word that it’s somebody you’d want to read, have a beer or a hundred with and stay on the right side of. He’s not the Imperial Firearms Advisor for nothing, you know.

And, at $3.99 (Kindle edition, which is all that’s available at the moment but PCs can read that too), what’ve you got to lose?

For his other published works, here’s a link.

Check it out!

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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