Apparently Michelle Bachmann is either a white male in his 30s or she has some serious Magic Mind Control Powers.

Par for the course for liberal fascists. The victims haven’t assumed room temperature yet, and already they are asserting with absolute confidence that “right-wing extremists” did it. In spite of that very same claim having so far been wrong on every single occasion it’s been used.

The actual facts are as of yet unknown, the only thing we know is that the shooter was definitely not a mooselimb, due to the FBI having labeled it “domestic terrorism”, which they would never have done had a member of the Religion of Piss been involved. Zey’re unter orderz NEVER to use the “t” word in connection with that oh-so-peaceful religion, after all.

Right now His Imperial Majesty really doesn’t care. We’ll know when we know.

What we DO know is that at least 6 innocent people are dead (we wish that the fucking media would stop including the subhuman perpetrators in their body counts, seeing as how we really don’t fucking care if a wild beast gets killed off. OK, that’s not true. We actually love it when vermin gets exterminated) and that prayers are very much called for.

May G-d Almighty grant the victims strength and peace.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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