No, we’re not making judgments, we’re just asking questions.

Still, doesn’t this look like a pederast to you?

Come here, little girl. I have a pocket full of Tootsie Rolls for you, if you know what I mean

Listen, we’re not doing anything other than repeating what we heard from some utterly incredible source on the Internets, but we have to ask ourself why he’s not denying it if it isn’t true.

We mean, seriously: If 10,700,000 results on Google pointed to questions about YOU being a pederast, wouldn’t YOU deny it? We know WE would. But obviously pederasty doesn’t rate very highly on Harry Reid’s list of priorities.



P.S.: We’ve heard from somebody that somebody told him that photographs of Harry Reid sodomizing his own son exist, pictures that are totally not PhotoShopped and that we can’t and publish since we’ve never even seen them. But how can we know that they don’t exist? Because, well, the burden is on Harry Reid to prove that it never happened. What would your daddy think, Harry Reid?

UPDATE: Bonus question to Nevadans: Why is it that you don’t mind creepy old men reaming little boys up their arses? Is that how you Nevadans roll? If not, why do you keep re-electing an alleged incestuous, sodomizing pederast to the Senate? Inquiring minds want to know. New Nevada motto: “Bend over, son, here it comes again.”

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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