The economy must be getting bad out there, since See-B.S. is now allowing their writers to acknowledge what’s been obvious since, we don’t know, 2009 to anybody who wasn’t a board certified Ogabe Scrote-Licker.

The depression is here — it’s just invisible

The Great Depression that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke claims to have averted has been part of the background radiation of our economy since at least 2008.

It’s just that like radiation — it’s invisible.

We’ve called it the recovery, the jobless recovery, the slogging recovery and more recently the fading recovery. We’ve measured modest growth in our nation’s gross domestic product to record that our so-called Great Recession ended in June 2009. And now we are saying that if this disappointing growth suddenly disappears, as currently feared, we will be in a new recession.

Which, by the way, won’t be a “new” one at all since the last one never ended, no matter what the GateKeepers of the OgabeMedia tell us over and over again in their increasingly desperate attempts to rescue their FUBAR from the consequences of his own disastrous, fascist policies.

We’re glad to see that somebody is beginning to broadcast something other than the latest talking points memo from the DNC/Media Matters propaganda chamber. We really are. Better late than never. And you are, of course, completely right to use the “we” in your paragraph up there, at least if you’re speaking as a representative for the dying Lame Stream Mediots, but we still want to make one thing clear:

WE didn’t call it a “recovery” at any point, be it a “jobless”, “slogging”, “fading” or a “limp-dicked, syphilitic” one. The only times we ever used the word during the reign of error that will soon be known as the most disastrous administration in the history of our nation it was bracketed in sneer/sarcasm quotes so thick they had their own gravitational field. Lots of times those sneer quotes weren’t even there, but that was because we didn’t want to insult the intelligence of our readers by implying that they might not know that we were being sarcastic.

You see, unlike writers for the Lame Stream Mediot demographic, the poor, benighted, drooling slobs who still subscribe to your drivel, we actually have to keep in mind that our readers are more intelligent than toe fungus. And if we ever forget it, they will righteously and justifiably let us know in no uncertain terms seconds after we’ve hit the “publish” button, G-d bless them.

But welcome to reality, kind sir, now let’s get our sleeves rolled up and get to work, because there’s a whole lot of trash in need of taking out.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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