OK, so maybe the exclamation mark was a bit unnecessary since His Imperial Majesty, being a Texan, actually never doubted that he would.

But his Texas Two Step all over Lt.Gov. Dewhurst’s bid in the Republican Primary for the seat that Kay Bailey RINOchison will be lifting her wimpy arse out of is great news for other reasons, hence our Imperial Happy Dance.

Obviously His Majesty is thrilled that our candidate won, and there is no doubt in our mind that he’s the better candidate. A true conservative who isn’t going to DC just to warm up a seat and shovel in the bribes. But that’s not the biggest source of our joy at the news.

You see, Dewhurst isn’t really a truly horrible guy. He’s certainly no worse than Kay Bailey, but that’s not the point. He’s Establishment, and that’s the main reason why he got stomped on. Us Texans don’t cotton to Establishment that well, we have authority issues as we, by and large, only recognize one authority over ourselves, and He’s never up for election.

And every single time the GOP Establishment takes one to the scrotum, an angel gets its wings, for the very simple reason that it sends a loud message to the other incumbents who have gotten entirely too comfortable with “go along with liberal fascism to get along” for our nation’s good, and the message is: “We can FIRE y’all’s asses and, given a chance, we WILL!”

You’d think that a Republican Lt.Gov. of nine years in Texas would be a pretty safe bet and, indeed, during the first primary and for a long time after that he certainly looked that way.

‘Cept’n he wasn’t. That “dead” Tea Party that we keep reading obituaries for didn’t much like him and now he’s history too, just like Dick the Dick Lugar (although the only thing Dewhurst has in common with The Dick, is that he’s Establishment and that he’s history. Just to be fair).

Seeing a “dead cert” like Dewhurst taking it to the groin has to be giving certain DC RINOs (they know who they are) palpitations and ruin their sleep for quite some time, and that’s JUST the way His Imperial Majesty likes it.

You have been put on notice, you jackals. Get with the program or you’re next.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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