Because, well, SHUT UP!

BUSH LIED, PEOPLE DIED! That’s all you need to know. Peasants!

On a related, but rarely explored (by the DNCMedia) note, we keep hearing concerns about Assad using WMDs against the rebels, concerns based on him threatening to do so himself, yet we somehow barely ever hear about anybody wondering where on Earth he got those WMDs from. It’s as if they just popped into existence caused by an Expert Level “Create WMD” spell or something.

Which reminds His Imperial Viciousness of something that a lot of us “fundamentally unserious” conservatives were harping on about years and years ago rather than just accepting the leftist memes like good “pragmatic conservatives” are supposed to do lest we be branded Visigoths or something, namely that satellite surveillance showed a strange and rather large number of convoys traveling from Iraq into Syria’s Bekaa Valley for no apparent reason during Bush’s 18 month “rush” to war against poor innocent brown people.

But we’re sure they were just delivering much needed baby formula to Damascus, something foremost on the mind of dictators just about to be invaded and having their arses right royally kicked.

After all, we all remember how Adolf Hitler, right after getting the first news of the Allies preparing what looked like a giant armada, immediately made arrangements for massive exports of strudel to his ally, Japan.

Just thinking out loud here.


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By Emperor Misha I

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