In addition to what LC single stack has already mentioned in a most compelling way in this thread (that the AR-15 of the Aurora Beast was chambered for 22LR instead of .223), we now also learn that the “body armor” that he was allegedly wearing might not have been body armor at all.

Both items obviously serve to answer the question as to where the beast got “all of that money” from as A) 22LR is cheap enough that you almost get it thrown at you when you go ammo shopping and B) there’s quite the price diff when it comes to “tactical vests” vs. “full body armor.”

And then there’s the whole issue that the LameStream Midiots are trying to puff up out of thin air, namely that “body armor on murderers means that carrying for self-defense is pointless so the NRA can all shut up now, neener”, the kind of incandescent idiocy that only a mediot journaljizzt can come up with. Andy at Ace’s stomps wonderfully on that bullshit, so we urge you to go read it for yourselves.

All of the points he makes are spot on, but there’s one missing, one that His Imperial Majesty realizes has been missing everybloodywhere, and that is that body armor, even the real kind, isn’t an Impervious Force Field of Awesome as some would love for you to think.

Yes, it most certainly is capable of turning a penetrating, killing shot into a non-lethal one, the key here being the word “penetrating.”

What it doesn’t do, outside of Hollyweird movies which is where journaljizzmers get all of their knowledge about weapons and armor from, is make that giant heap of lovely kinetic energy that your body just intercepted zip through a rift in the space-time continuum to an alternate universe where it can dissipate without consequence to you.

You’re still going to feel every single joule of that impact, trust us on that one. Depending on the projectile involved, that can be quite the punch to your meat sack and, even though your body armor may save you from actually dying, that kick in the chest is still going to get your attention in unpleasant ways. At a minimum, it’s going to knock you straight out of your OODA loop for a bit while your neurological “WTF?” response travels from the point of impact to your brain group housing.

Which is rather important from a law-abiding CHL holder’s point of view, as he or she most likely isn’t carrying a single shot 18th century relic. He or she now, apart from having drawn the murderer’s attention away from unarmed innocents, has a nice little window of opportunity through which a nice, trouble-ending shot to the turnip can be fired. Or more than one. Nothing says “problem solved” more definitively than a mess of bloody gray matter mixed with bone splinters where the goblin’s head once was.

Remember, children: “Two to center mass, one to the noggin.” If the target is unarmored, the first two will likely take care of business. If the target is armored, the first two will disrupt the target for long enough that the third shot will settle the issue at hand.

But don’t let that stop you from unloading the rest of the magazine, just to be on the safe side.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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