We have this strange love-hate relationship to anybody taking a dump on the Republic of Texas.

Hate, obviously, because you must have a death wish if you piss on the Lone Star within 800 yards of His Imperial Majesty, and love because their trying to micturate on us invariably ends up with the same results as trying to do so on an electrical fence, and we find watching damnyankees getting their already shriveled members electrocuted highly enjoyable.

Such as when the New York Times resident mental case, Paul “ENRON Advisor” Krugman thought he was going to town by comparing the overall results of Texan students with those of Wisconsin and using that as an argument in favor of teacher unions. You know, “apples to oranges.” You take a state almost entirely made up of lily-white waspies and compare them to a state where diversity isn’t just a slogan.

And then Iowahawk takes it completely apart because he, unlike the highly paid former ENRON consultant Paul Cluckman apparently hasn’t quite figured out Google yet in his padded cell.

Go read it, in case you’re interested in actual facts. You’ll enjoy it.

Let’s just say that the conclusions that can be gleaned from the facts don’t quite support Cluckman’s retarded claims. In fact, they do quite the opposite.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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