Sultan Knish, who will forthwith be found on the Imperial Blogroll, decides to let Ogabe have his “you didn’t build it” argument, mostly because Ogabe looks so funny impaled on it:

Let’s take Obama’s “You didn’t make that happen” message at face value. If nothing truly happens without the gov making it happen, then the full responsibility for the bad economy, the lack of jobs and poor business rate stops with the White House.

If people don’t make businesses happen, only governments make businesses happen and business isn’t happening… then Obama is responsible for not making it happen.

Of course we already knew whose responsibility the Ogabe Depression is, but at least now he is, inadvertently, owning up to it.



UPDATE: And while we’re in the business of smacking boy king Ogabe Narcissus the First in the face with nail-studded cluebats, here’s the Imperial Minister of Truth, Bill Whittle:

DOUBLE ouch!

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By Emperor Misha I

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