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We’re not going to slam the entrepreneurial spirit of this sprightly Russian engineer suggesting that he can create a way of uploading the human consciousness into an android, making us independent of our mortal meat sacks, nor can we say that we’re surprised that somebody is working on it. We’ve long thought that it would be the next logical step and the only way to achieve earthly immortality, but we do question his confidence a bit.

He has contacted a list of billionaires with a proposal for funding his quest for immortality – which Itskov refers to as ‘cybernetic immortality’ and the ‘artificial body’.

‘For anyone interested, but skeptical, I am ready to prove the viability of the concept of cybernetic immortality by arranging an expert discussion with a team of the world’s leading scientist working in this field.

Listen, Itskov (who apparently doesn’t have a first name), we’re not going to point fingers and laugh at you for being out of your mind. Plenty of people did that when visionaries predicted a future where personal computers the size of a coffee table book would have the power of a thousand CRAYs and would be found in homes across the world and they’re the only ones being laughed at now, not that many years later.

But as far as fundraising goes, your approach is lacking. “Expert discussions”, no matter how riveting, do not a “proof of concept” make. Start small. Demonstrate that you can upload the brain of, say, a mouse into an “avatar” and we guarantee you that the money will be flowing in so hard you may be crushed under its sheer weight.

And with that, we wish you the best of luck. Should you succeed, your name will rightfully enter into history and you will, well-deservedly, become rich beyond your wildest imaginations.

(And don’t be too dismayed when a socialist fucktard later claims that “you didn’t build that, somebody else did it for you.” Just throw a solid brick of gold in his face and laugh as his brains splatter all over the place)


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