Post #2,336 in the Blogosphere about how ObamaNomics are really hurting young people the most.

No, we don’t mean “spare us the post”, because there is nothing that is not absolutely true about it, and it certainly wouldn’t be a waste of time to read it. It sums up the dismal future for youngsters thanks to Komrade Ogabe and his Democrat National Socialist fellow travelers and why this is so quite well indeed.

It’s just the end of the post that we have a slight problem with:

This economy is punishing Americans across the spectrum, but the long term damage to young workers may be worse than anything we’re seeing today. A disturbing trend indeed.

“Disturbing?” “DISTURBING???”

The Yoot Vote is exactly what created this mess, so if they’re getting a raw deal it’s because they asked for it. Now they’re getting it, GOOD AND FUCKING HARD! (insert obligatory disclaimer about how yes, we know that not all yoots voted for ObamaNomics, we’re not talking about them here. They’ll be just fine, because they’re the ones who’ll be willing to roll up their sleeves and help cleaning this whole collectivist clusterfuck up).

You spoiled brats wet your beds, and now you get to fucking well wash and dry the linen yourselves or you can sleep in the wet, stinking mess for the rest of your lives. Boo-hoo-fucking-hoo. Welcome to Adult World™ where actions have consequences and there isn’t such a thing as Free Money™.

Now, if you want to help cleaning up your own mess, then by all means: Let’s all get to work on it, we’ll be happy to pitch in, but not until you’ve shown beyond a reasonable doubt that you’ve learned your lesson from your adolescent little temper tantrum.

You can start proving that in November.

After that, we’ll see. If you’ve grown up, we can work it out together and yes, we could use your help. If you haven’t, then fuck you very much. See if you can make a living hitting bongos in drum circles and whining about everything, because we won’t care. We won’t have time to, being busy holding down those jobs that you’ll never, ever be able to qualify for, you self-centered, insufferable little shits.

Your move.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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