And we find further confirmation of our opinion that Mittens’ appearance at the NAACP convention was a masterstroke, though not for the reasons that the howling lunatics in the flailing ObageMedia mention.

The first indication that he’d made them lose whatever little was left of their minds was when they focused entirely on the predictable boos when he mentioned ObamaTaxCare and ignored entirely the 27 or so rounds of applause he got during the rest of his speech, not to mention the standing ovation at the end. Par for the course for the Ogabe Steno Pool (formerly “the MSM”) and they continue to wonder why they’re going bankrupt, but we digress.

The second indication came when the poor, slobbering imbeciles in newsrooms across the country finally got their talking points memos from Media Matters and started claiming that it was “racist” for Romney to use the word “ObamaCare” in the presence of black people. It was, indeed, according to the mewling mediots, a calculated ploy by the Romney campaign. You see, he deliberately wanted to be booed by cleverly inserting, in a speech that drew close to 30 rounds of applause, a mention of ObamaCare so he could get booed in order to “fire up” his real voting base of toothless, hillbilly, racist swamp people Klanners.

At which point we’d like to insert the observation that the only reason that this “insidious ploy” might have “worked” was because the Ogabe Steno Pool immediately ignored the rounds of applause and went to full on clear the front page mode to highlight the booing, but that might make the sub-garden slug intellects of the OgabeMedia cry. Who are we kidding? We love the salty taste of their helpless tears of impotence. All they’d have had to do was to lower the Ogabe Steno Pool Veil of Silence™ over the whole booing incident and that wicked, vile, EVIL Romney’s ploy would have failed miserably.

But then they wouldn’t have had the chance to masturbate at the sight of a Republican candidate getting booed, of course. It’s tough for a pimp out there. That whole eating your cake and having it thing. So they’re simultaneously claiming that Romney deliberately set up the boos so his mythical base of skinheads and Klanners (which would be interesting, considering that the KKK, like all other negro-hating organizations in our history, was founded by Democrats) would be “fired up” by the mass media wall-to-wall coverage and providing the despicable, plotting racist with the wall-to-wall coverage necessary for the “clever ploy” to work.

Again: Is it any wonder that the OgabeMedia is floundering? Not really. What’s a wonder is that anybody is taking them seriously anymore.

So let’s recap: If Romney had turned down the NAACP’s invitation, he’d surely have been branded a “raaaaacist” by the OgabeMedia for being “out of touch” and “not comfortable around black people”. But he’s also a “raaaaacist” for accepting it and being honest about his policy positions rather than lying through his teeth in the “proud” tradition of politicians. Of course, anybody with a functioning synapse, just one, also knows that if he had shown up and lied faster than an Obama in front of a hostile crowd about his opposition, he would have been a “raaaaacist” for pretending that black people were too dumb to know what he’s really all about, and he’d have earned the “lying, pandering, opportunist politician hack” appellation too. With oak leaf clusters. Which would have put him in the company of every Democrat who ever opened his lying mouth.

Heads, we win, tails, you lose. The motto of the Ogabe Steno Pool.

And, of course, further affirmation of the Democrat National Socialists’ and their Propaganda Arm, the DNSMedia’s conviction that black people are fragile little hothouse flowers who simply cannot survive in the presence of somebody who disagrees with them, that any disagreement in their presence is a crime against humanity and a violation of their rights indistinguishable from a lynching, but that’s hardly worth noticing anymore since the Democrat National Socialists have been harping about that racist idea ever since before they lost the War Between the States, and they haven’t stopped since. Black people simply can’t handle opposition or self-reliance, according to them, blacks being an inferior race and all, and they must be protected from the “raaaaacism” of treating them as equal members of humanity.

We, being the Imperial Majesty and Ruler of all of the Universe, have a much more simplistic and, dare we say, workable idea: All human beings are equally inferior to our Exalted Self, no matter what their skin color, sexual orientation, religion or lack of same, preferred 80s pop band etc. might be. None deserve preferential treatment, none are “more equal than others.”

Yet, in this “real world” that we somehow find ourself forced to live in, it is “raaaaacist” for somebody to show up, not show up and, indeed, even run against a Democrat National Socialist.

We can’t help but wonder what crimes our divine ancestors committed to make us deserving of having to endure such rampant idiocy, but they must have been severe indeed.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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