When his 1967 Austin Healy was stolen in Philadelphia, Bob Russell of Dallas, Texas, never gave up hope that he would one day find it. Forty-two years later, his hopes have become a reality. When browsing eBay, he found his car with the highest bid at $19, 700 at a Los Angeles dealership.

Russell, who still had the original title and keys, called the dealer.

“I hate to sound indelicate,” he told the dealer, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, “but you’re selling a stolen car.”

And they laughed, marveled at the situation, the dealer handed the stolen car back to its rightful owner and whoever sold it to the dealer got his arse arrested for selling stolen goods. The End.

Nazzofast, Guido, this is Los Angeles we’re talking about:

The dealer offered to sell the car back him for $24,000.

Er, what? Alright, we’ll try that again: What the FUCK?

The story has a good ending, however, as the owner got his car back after the LAPD impounded it.

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t tell us anything about the rest of the story, such as the name of the dealership and how the parasitical, thieving assweasel cried and cried when he was arrested for knowingly trying to sell stolen goods and was sent to be ass-raped for the rest of his life by a 6’7″ former linebacker who hadn’t had sex for the last 20 years.

Now THAT would have been a truly good ending!


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By Emperor Misha I

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