No, His Imperial Majesty is not turning into a RomneyBot, but credit where credit is due, and showing up at an NAACP convention to give a speech is, at the very least, inspired. If, of course, it’s not a blatant pandermonium, which this appearance surely wasn’t. Criticizing OgabeTaxCare in front of the NAACP?

The DNC Media is, of course, spiking the football furiously over the fact that Mittens got booed at that point but, seriously, what the fuck did anyone expect?

Any idiot can show up at an event and say whatever he knows the audience wants to hear, as a matter of fact 99.9999% of politicians never do anything else, but showing up to present something that you know is going to be unpopular? Well played.

And what the DNC Media helpfully doesn’t “waste” any time on covering is the fact that it wasn’t all booing. His defense of marriage brought applause, his presenting the undeniable fact that the OgabeDepression has hit blacks worse than any other group went over rather well, and there were other moments too.

And what does Ogabe do? He sends Joe the Clownshoe Choo Choo Biden because His Ogabeness really can’t be arsed to show up himself, hobnobbing with the darkies that he treats for granted while he’s busy playing golf or sucking up to paler than pale whitey Hollyweirdos with fat bank accounts. Face it, black America, he’s just not that into you, as if you needed any further proof. You’re not rich enough and, besides, it’s not like Marse Barrack doesn’t already own you from the tip of your toes to your heads, at least in his own mind.

We’d be at least mildly pissed off if we were the NAACP. And by “mildly pissed off” we mean “burning red hot with the fury of a thousand suns.”

Nicely played, Mittens. The Man of the People™, the black Messiah, sends a surrogate and the Honky Millionaire Who Just Doesn’t Care™ comes in person to state his case.

Anybody who really, honestly believes that Mittens showing up was a “misstep” needs to seriously shut the fuck up and never again speak where adults are assembled.

Oh, and bonus detail: The media now won’t shut up talking about his appearance which, we believe, is called “free coverage.” Thanks, you wonderfully retarded twats. Really. Thanks.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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