Random thought for the day.

Chief Ogabe Dong Slurper John Roberts hightailed it out of town after his creative bit of declaring something simultaneously “A” and “NOT A” to go to Malta for July the 4th. He even joked about how it seemed to be the right thing to do, it being an “impregnable island fortress” and all. Haha, Benedict Roberts. The millions of Americans who might soon find themselves at the end of 9 month waiting lines for an MRI thanks to your craven cowardice and urge to be loved by the likes of Ed Schultz are laughing their arses off at your spectacular wit, you lying, deceiving, self-serving, narcissist traitor.

Tough audience, huh? You have no idea, you nithing, you have no idea… But we do. Also, look up what happens to nithings. You might find it — educational.

But that wasn’t our random thought, just an observation.

No, we just thought that perhaps it really was the most appropriate place for Benedict Roberts to spend the birthday of our nation, as in “anywhere in the world that isn’t our nation.”

We’d ask the Maltese to please keep him if it wasn’t for the fact that Malta really is a nice island with a proud and honorable history, none of which adjectives really fit John-Boy Obama Roberts, that utter waste of the human genome. He’d have surrendered to the Axis before they’d even had time to plot the first bombing raid against the island. In case you’re curious, the Axis threw about 3,000 raids against Malta over two years back then, yet the Maltese stayed strong and refused to cave.

All it took to make Benedict Linguini Spine Roberts throw out the Constitution and surrender was a few threats from the Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure, Ogabe, and his cabana boys in the media.

So no, Malta really doesn’t deserve to have her honor stained by even the temporary presence of that worthless, nutless traitor shit.

But do we have to allow him back into the country? Surely we can divert the flight to some place more in line with his particular version of “jurisprudence?” Like, perhaps, Cuba?

No, too close. We’ll have the slime mold cock-chancre paddling his way to Florida in minutes. Rhodesia? Saudi Arabia? Antarctica?

Anywhere but here, is all we can say.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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