Miles of column inches have been spent on discussing Roberts’ abortion of a legislating from the bench ruling, but not a whole lot of hay has been made out of the possible consequences of ObamaTaxCare’s threat to withhold all federal Medicaid funds from states refusing to expand Medicaid having been deemed unconstitutional by the Court and what it might mean to the whole pile of statist, tyrannical shite if enough states decide to say “fuck you.”

26 states sued to overturn ObamaTaxCare. Presumably those same 26 states are right now righteously pissed off that the Court’s liberal fascists, with Benedict Roberts in front, decided that the law means whatever they say it means, whether or not it says anything of the sort or not.

That’s a lot of states potentially lined up to kick ObamaTaxCare in the nuts. And it would be one giant kick, to be sure, because without the states, ALL of them, joining the Medicaid expansion, ObamaTaxCare becomes even more unsustainable than it is, which is saying quite a bit. And now they have the Supreme Court’s blessing to do so.

Some states have already extended their middle finger to Comrade Ogabe and his tyranny, and more are sure to follow.

So what’s a tyrant federal government to do? Keep in mind that OgabeTaxCare simply cannot survive for more than a few years without the states voluntarily assuming most of the costs of it, i.e. the Medicaid expansion which is how Ogabe and his NSDWP fascists came up with the “savings” of their scheme to control the peasants’ lives down to the last detail. The money isn’t “saved” at all, it’s just that the expense is moved from federal accounts to state ones.

And that’s how His Imperial Majesty started wondering whether this is the equivalent of 1861. Because clearly the ever-expanding federal behemoth in DC is not going to just sit down and let those darn hillbillies, rednecks and Tea Partiers still believing in States’ Rights get away with sticking a steel rod in the spokes of the imperial federal government’s wheels.

Obviously, all of this may die down and become irrelevant in November, depending on the outcome of the election, and it’s most likely the real reason why the legislatures of all of the 26 states haven’t already said “fuck you” — why draw a line in the sand unless you know it’s needed? — but it pays to think ahead. What if, Heaven forbid, the NSDWP and Ogabe manage to squeak out a “win” through fraud, intimidation and other means in November?

The states, at least the 26 that aren’t already liberal shit holes drowning in red ink and therefore actually have something to lose, can then choose between committing financial suicide or basically telling DC to get off of their lawn, and they will have the Supreme Court’s authority behind such a declaration. And don’t shrug it off either, because they’ll be faced with a choice that is in every way as existential for the states as all of the issues leading up to 1861 were, if not more so.

Because FedGovCo, if they’re still in the hands of Comrade Ogabe and his NSDWP, will not let their signature take-over die without a fight, just because those pesky states won’t follow suit, leaving the states with no choice but to sever their ties with a government that is no longer governing with their consent. Or to die, leaving our Union and Constitution as nothing more than another failed experiment.

Could be interesting times ahead.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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