You might ask “what’s there to be happy about?” considering the direction the nation is going in, and I’ll tell you “we’re still here.”

Oh sure, we’ve taken quite a few kicks to our tender bits and the future looks, to put it mildly, glum. But it ain’t over ’till its’ over and…

We’re still here.

So the enemy knocked a big fucking hole in our lines, but we’re not done. Shell-shocked a bit, perhaps, but we’ve still got the cooks and typists to hand out rifles to and, by G-d, they’re not going to pass this line.

G-d has a plan for this nation. He didn’t make it so a bunch of farmers with pitch forks and muskets, after having beat the world’s most professional military and navy, TWICE, became the strongest nation in the world through several devastating wars only so we could turn into Greece.

Not on our watch.

So let’s raise our glasses, make a toast to the best nation that ever was and then let’s see how much ammo we’ve got left and get ready for the next battle.

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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