In which we, once again, provide the masses with a success story about the wonders of socialist healthcare that will be widely ignored, just like every single other time we posted one of those.

Let us be clear: We’re not posting those because we think for a fleeting second that anybody is going to be converted by it, much more than a decade of experience with the willful ignorance in this nation that has not yet been actually cursed by getting what they ask for has taught us better, but mainly because we don’t want anybody, anybody still alive after the consequences of their apathy and complacency have hit this nation like an F5 tornado to be able to tell us that we didn’t tell them so.

And then we’ll punch them in the face and tell them to get the fuck off of our lawn before we shoot them in the gut.

You ready? Here we go:

In another nation where ObamaTaxCare is the Law of the Land, Tiny Britain, a 22-year-old was recently allowed to die of dehydration because the wonderful nationalized healthcare that he and his parents had been paying through the nose for by way of ObamaRobertsTaxes, couldn’t figure out which form they needed to fill in to give the boy a glass of water. Or something like that. That’s what you get when you put the TSA in charge of your health.

But bugger all, that could never happen HERE! La-la-la, I can’t hear you!

The kid, who was on hormone therapy to save his life, which required fluid therapy which the wonderful ObamaTaxCare NHS couldn’t be arsed to give to him, much less the medication that they had to give him to keep him from dehydrating, actually tried to call the police because the hospital staff refused to give him a glass of water. Then he called his mum to let her know what was going on, which included, apparently, the hospital staff standing around while he was dying trying to come up with a good story that would hold up in court.

Because just giving the boy his medicine, hanging his drip or bringing him a glass of water was just too fucking hard or something.

Priorities, you know. There was probably some Member of Parliament who needed the bed and the kid was just refusing to do his “fair share” and die so it could be cleared.

The kid finally gave up the spirit and did his People’s Duty to Bend the Cost Curve™ at which point the final insult was given to his grieving mum:

Following his death from dehydration, they were asked to help move his body so a nurse could put a clean sheet under his lifeless body.

Later a nurse asked them “Have you finished seeing your son yet? Can I bag him up now?” the inquest was told.

Because, you know, we need to clear out this bed so we can murder another patient, don’t you know? Just ask the death panel.

Oh, and don’t get us started on this “inquest.” Nothing is going to bloody happen. They might as well quit the charade and just take turns pissing on the kid’s grave. Because that’s what you get when the almighty state is the one who’s wronged you and your only recourse, none, is to try to sue the state who, incidentally, will be the ones running the “investigation.” This poor mother’s hope of getting justice here is about the same as any hope of getting Heinrich Holder to face the music for having murdered more than three hundred people.

Want an amusing anecdote about how “justice” works under nationalized “health”care? When we were young, there was a case of a kid, a hemophiliac, who died of AIDS after getting a transfusion. Now this was in the days after our Ministry of “Health” was aware of an effective way of screening donors for HIV, not before when nobody really knew what we were dealing with, but the Minister of “Health” had decided, on her own (much like Ogabe works here with his Imperial Diktats), that it just wasn’t “cost-effective”, which is similar to the Independent Payment Advisory Board (which is TOTALLY not a “death panel” since it doesn’t have the word “death” in it!!!) that Ogabe and Justice Roberts love so much.

So the parents sued, or started an “inquest” as it’s known in Britain.

You know what they got, even though the court, in a rare fit of doing their actual jobs, agreed that it was a wrongful death?

About $5,000. Which wasn’t the worst slap in the face, because who can really put a price tag on a human life? OK, so we’d suggest that it might be more than a down payment on a car, but that’s beside the point. No, the worst slap in the face to the grieving parents was that nobody, NOBODY responsible for the murder of that young child faced any consequences at all. None. Not even a suspension. Not even an administrative leave. Nothing. Nada.

Because when you let the almighty government rule you, you’re nothing but a slave and of no consequence at all.

Peasants had it better under feudalism. At least the lords back then knew that a dead peasant was no good when it came to harvesting.

And that’s what you fuckhead fiddy2ers are asking for.

We hope you get it, good and hard. And when you’re dying, begging for mercy, crawling before us in hopes that we’ll at least piss on you to put the fire in your hair out, we’ll just look at you and say “we already gave at the office. Told you so. Fuckheads.”


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By Emperor Misha I

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