His Imperial Majesty has already rejected the initial, fevered attempts by some on our side to extract at least half a yummy, only half-digested peanut from the giant, steaming pile of shit that was Roberts’ ACA ruling, and we have certainly not changed our opinion of his creative post editing of Congressional wording so he could deem it constitutional (and thus turning the Judiciary into the Legislative branch as well), nor the disastrous consequences for our Republic if OgabeCare is allowed to stand until its implementation in 2014, but this fellow’s particular case for why the ruling might not be a complete loss stands out among the others.

Mostly because the previous “glass half full” bleats were wholly non-specific and didn’t sound particularly well thought through. Sean Trende is basically making the same argument, but he’s certainly making an effort in arguing his point, particularly on the specifics.

Merits a read, in our opinion.

Of course, we do realize that we are, subconsciously, highly motivated when it comes to finding something to smile about after Thursday and we may, therefore, indeed we probably are not as critical as we ought to be (and more prone to irrational optimism), but there is something about his argument that at least gives us pause.

Your thoughts?

UPDATE: And another one, even more specific.

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By Emperor Misha I

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