When the increasingly desperate Ogabe Steno Pool Media (predictably) started rolling out the “Aren’t Those Romneys WEIRD?” narrative, we weren’t in the least surprised, particularly with regards to the sudden outbursts of hateful bigotry against Mormons. The liberal fascists are, after all, according to their own statements, the most open-minded, non-hating, empathetic, tolerant inderveeduals to have ever walked the planet, so of COURSE they’d immediately launch into a smear campaign against Mormons. Nothing says “love” louder than “I really fucking hate, distrust and despise you and your weird, wacky, most likely racist religion.”

But we’ll freely admit that we hadn’t quite foreseen, though we ought to have (but even an Emperor has to miss a step at times), that the liberal fascists would be mocking Ann Romney for her horseback riding which she uses to combat MS.

Obviously they’re not mocking her for trying to live with a serious disability, that would turn 98% of their demented, subretarded short bus driving demographic right off, they’re trying to push the “isn’t it weird that she rides fancy horses?” angle. Which makes perfect sense if you’re an inner city cocoon liberal fascist who has never seen a horse on something that wasn’t a postcard, because HORSES? ELITIST!!! She IS the 1%!

Leaving aside DNCNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s inexcusably ignorant comments about how dressage does not in the least help MS victims, quite contrary to actual facts, but he IS associated with a network that wouldn’t be able to attract a clue if they doused themselves in ClueGlue and rolled through a fertile field of Clue.

It’s the sneering at horseback riding and dressage as pure snobbery clearly placing the Romney family outside of the mainstream that really gets our goat. And derisive laughter.

You see, Lawrence of Retardia, horseback riding is pretty much what this nation was built on and it is still extensively used outside of your Cocooned Liberal Enclaves where actual human beings live. And learning to ride one of those noble steeds and riding it properly is no mean feat, which is why your lead paint chip ingesting forebears probably spent most of their time shoveling horse manure after better qualified people had passed.

You’re right: There IS a sense of nobility in being able to control your charger. It proves that you are able to exert discipline, self-discipline and that you’re able to enter into a symbiosis of sorts with an animal who would much rather be running free in the wild.

In days of yore, the mastery of horseback riding set you apart from the grubby peasants wallowing in the mud, it was a way of asserting your control, your competency and, more than anything else, to cover long distances in a fraction of the time it would take to walk it. It was, and IS a skill that you have to work hard on until you finally get it. NOT one of those “skills” where you get a trophy for just showing up.

It is not to be mocked, it is something to aspire to. It is your first step on your road to upward mobility. The real kind. Not the “I once fucked the producer’s niece so he pretty much had to hire me on” kind.

When His Imperial Majesty was young, OK, youngER, there were a few things you had to accomplish in order to call yourself a man.

Riding a horse was one of them. And dressage, no matter how fwench it sounds, is one sure way of demonstrating that it’s you riding the horse and not the other way around.

Sailing a boat was another, but that was due to all of the ocean around where we grew up. If you could not skipper a sail boat, with emphasis on sail, so 500hp motor boats need not apply, you weren’t shit. If you couldn’t steer into a Beaufort 9 in a 20 footer under sail and come out on the other side unscathed, you had just failed.

Shooting was yet another. The ability to trap, forage and shoot with the necessary cleaning and cooking skills, you weren’t worth shit. If you can’t live off the land, you might as well just spend that last bullet on yourself.

All of those used to be POSITIVE qualities, and we urgently urged youngsters desiring to follow in our footsteps to go with it. Because it would improve THEM. It would teach them independence, self-reliance and pride in their own accomplishments. A pride well earned, as the price of failure at any point in the procedure was truly horrible. But even in failure, while we didn’t insult the failed candidate with an “O Well, You Tried” trophy, we were more than open and encouraging when it came to urging them to learn from their mistakes and try again.

Think about it. Sailing, horseback riding, shooting, foraging, fire building, all of them skills that any self-respecting individual ought to master, skills that can save lives, not just the lives of the skilled but also the lives of the not so skilled who just happen to come by. Because that is ONE thing that is drilled into your skull when you’re being trained: Those skills are yours, yes, but they are only given to you with the implicit demand that you spend the rest of your life spreading them for the good of all of those who don’t have them.

But in our post-civilization Democrat Socialist world, such devotion to basic, life-saving skills is “snobbery.”

Which is quite understandable, really, when you look at it from the Liberal Fascist point of view. If every single citizen of this nation had been taught how to be self-sufficient if need be, then where the fuck would the 6 figure government administrator salaries come from?

Nowhere, that’s where. And that’s why we need to teach our kids, if we have any, or our friends how to acquire those basic, noble skills which will liberate them completely from the Nanny State.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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