We haven’t written about Jeb Bush’s pathetic lamentations that the GOP is in thrall to dangerous extremists threatening to tear the party apart and having made it impossible, impossible for the Country Club Republicans to carry on business as usual, which is giving the NSDWP “only” 95% of what they want, the GOP nothing of what we want and then calling it a “victory.”

Because, well… Jeb Bush. Seriously?

Besides, for him to come out screaming and wailing that the “extremist ideologues” plaguing the GOP have made it impossible for the party to nominate, say, another Reagan… AFTER the GOP primaries left us with the pretty much guaranteed nomination of that dangerous, far-right, extremist ideologue Mittens Romney???

We’re sure you’d agree that his statements are self-parodying enough that there is nothing, nothing that even His Imperial Snarkiness could have done to make them sound more ridiculous.

But he does have a point. It would, indeed, be impossible for somebody like Ronald Reagan to be nominated by the NSDWP-fellating GOP today. And last time. And the time before that. As we recall, it was only in spite of the most frantic, flailing attempts by the then-Gentry Play Along to Get Along GOP to deny the nomination to the Gipper that he ended up on the ticket anyway.

And they’ve been butt-hurt ever since. When they’re not busy lying and claiming credit for the guy that they tried all they could to keep off the ticket, that is.

So, really. What poor widdle Jebbie-Boy is really beating his breast about is that if we keep the pressure up to clean out the GOP of RINOs, then we might, someday in the future, end up with another Gipper.

And that, more than anything else, horrifies the Gentry RINO GOP.

Cry us a river, you useless wankers.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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