Or, at the very least, some very disturbing mental images.

Allow us to explain: In another one of those deliberate “edits” where the Ogabe Steno Pool clips, cuts and concatenates audio and video to manufacture a non-existing point that they wish were true (see: George Zimmerman 911 call et al), MSDNC’s Andrea Mitchell (who is a useless presstitute cunt) edited a clip of Romney in which he pointed out the absurdity of government red tape and useless, overpaid bureaucrats by using an example of a 33-page government application that needed to be filled out to file for an address change compared to some sandwich chain’s touchscreen registers and ended up by saying “AMAZING”. Whether the “amazing” was meant to be sarcastic or referred to how it’s amazing just how badly the government can fuck up the simplest of tasks with the greatest of ease is irrelevant.

Except to point out that if it’s the latter, there’s really nothing amazing about it. Thus government ever operated. We have a saying in our native country that they’re so incompetent that they can’t poke a stick in a turd without breaking both.

But we digress. What Andrea Mitchell (who is a vapid, propagandist cow of the first water) did was to edit out everything except the bit where Romney mentions the touchscreen and says “amazing.”

Because Republicans, you know, STUPID! Haha! Racists. Shut up!

Of course, in this day and age where cellphone cameras are so ubiquitous that even stray dogs have been known to carry them around, such a ploy is exceedingly daft, which only proves further that Andrea Mitchell is a stupid cunt of such a magnitude that if stupid was a religion, she’d be the High Priestess of it and monuments to her would be built around the bases of which lesser idiots would gather to worship. Footage of what actually happened soon surfaced and, boom, one family-sized omelet ordered, delivery address Andrea Mitchell’s ugly mug.

Now did Andrea “Sharp as a Bowling Ball” Mitchell apologize? Admit to her fraud? Of course she didn’t. She just said that she “had to” leave bits out because of “time constraints”. Which it’s really rather strange that the stuff ending up on the cutting room floor always, always happens to be the bits that utterly refute whatever point a socialist journaljizzmer is trying to make.

And by “strange” we mean “so bloody obvious that a bat would be able to find it in the middle of the day if it was hidden under six tonnes of bricks.”

Another Ogabe Steno Pool Media epic fail, and there was much hysterical laughter and splitting of sides.

If the so-called media were any deeper in the tank for the Democrat Socialist Party and their boyfriend Obam-bam, the water pressure would crush them.

“OK, my Liege Lord, but where does nightmares and disturbing thoughts enter into it?” we hear you ask.

Well, you see, there was this thing about emperor Tiberius, according to Suetonius, that one of his many perversions on the isle of Capri after he pretty much retired from Rome altogether was to lounge around naked in a big pool while young boys swam around under the water, nibbling on his, er, you know what. He called them his “minnows.”

Now substitute boy king Ogabe for Tiberius and the Ogabe Steno Pool Media for the, er, “minnows”, and… You get our drift.

Damn… Where’s the Brain Bleach™ when we need it?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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