No, seriously, they DO. (h/t Bill Quick).

Not that it surprises us that the same bunch of rapist, terrorist vandals that have brought so much “color” to our urban neighborhoods would also be against stopping child prostitution, but still. Perhaps they ought to change their slogan, because we’re fairly certain that 99% of people do NOT support using children as sex slaves. If we’re wrong, we need more ammo.

That would be the same “Occupy Movement” that O-bam-bam, Nancy Lugosi and assorted other Democrat luminaries endorsed so very heartily.

Our only question is: Democrats, why do you want to have sex with children so much that you will lend your support to those who are against stopping it?

And if you don’t, then why haven’t you denounced those disgusting, depraved pervs in terms most unequivocal already? Is it the same reason that kept you from denouncing them when they tried to blow up a bridge? When they committed too many rapes to count? When they attacked and injured people? When they vandalized and robbed anything they could lay their simian eyes on? The reason being “there might be votes there?”

As to ourself: Anybody as much as thinking about molesting a child or even giving the time of day to somebody who would do so is fair game. We won’t feel the slightest remorse about giving you a .45 caliber frontal lobotomy.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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