No, we’re not much for staying silent, particularly not when the case in point is a convicted terrorist thug who would like nothing more than for everybody to stay silent.

But “being silent” isn’t really the point of the Day of Silence, it’s “being silent EXCEPT for pointing out how Brett Kimberlin likes to try to silence people.”

That we can do, and we’re more than happy to.

This is about not shutting up and finding out what you can do to stop the attacks upon free speech, and nobody explains it better than Michelle, so go ye forth and read. Also go check out Stacy McCain, still in an undisclosed location due to threats against him family, who has a lot more to say.

UPDATE: And don’t miss out Ace, who makes several very important points, chief among which is that letters alone, while welcome and important, aren’t going to stop a convicted serial terrorist.

Then contact your Congress Critters and let them know that it’s time for our representatives to actually REPRESENT us.

Be polite, though. Even though the story is spreading (painfully slowly), it’s quite possible that your Congress Critter hasn’t heard about this yet.


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By Emperor Misha I

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