Actually, we don’t mean that. We need to continue to pound on this relentlessly because if we DO “give it up already”, we’re only giving a green light to politicians continuing to do what they do, which is making a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

But we DO get tired of the bullshit from time to time, such as the genocidal Fast and Furious program hatched and approved by Der Fubar and his favorite SS officer, Heinrich Holder, and the futile attempts of all of us to get Congress in general and Darrell Issa in particular to do something beyond just fucking TALKING about an obviously criminal program that led to the deaths of at least two American law enforcement officers and an unknown hundreds of innocent civilian Mexicans.

We mean, seriously? You’ve been babbling about this for how long now, exactly? Where’s the fucking bacon? Or should we just meekly accept that as long as you worthless overpaid, underworked parasites are talking about it, “justice is being done?”

At this rate, if justice is ever served, which we very much doubt, nobody will even remember the ones who got murdered at the behest of Der Fubar and Heinrich Holder.

Fuck you and your families until the seventh generation. Talk is cheap, and L-rd knows we’ve had a shitload of your gum-flapping by now. Meanwhile, hundreds of people are still dead with no apparent hope for justice. Heckuva job, you prickless piss-ants and your “political considerations.” Which is parasite-speech for “how can I make sure to keep my overpaid, underworked sinecure for a few more years, justice be fucked?”

You all disgust us and we will repeat what we said over a decade ago: “Of all of the terrorist-hijacked planes to be taken over by true American heroes, why the FUCK did it have to be the one aimed at Congress?”

His Imperial Majesty would happily, cheerfully and without regrets exchange the lives of every single soul in Congress for just one, ONE of the innocents murdered in the World Trade Center or the Pentagon, and we’d think that we got one HELL of a bargain.

Useless pricks. Just fucking DIE already. Put yourselves out of our misery. The accumulated “worth” of all of you doesn’t amount to the worth of what I wipe off my arse every morning. You have no honor, you have no sense of duty, you have no loyalty, you are, in a word: USELESS.

You think of yourselves as leaders, but you’re nothing of the sort. Leaders are born that way and leaders don’t give a flying fuck what is “popular” or “doable”, they do what needs to be done for the simple reason that it’s RIGHT, and they do it without hesitation, without consideration for their own comfort or “political futures.” Again: They do it because it’s RIGHT.

And that’s enough. That’s enough for anybody who ever had the seed of leadership within him or her. It’s all that is required and it is ENOUGH. It is more than enough.

You pricks, you nutless wonders, on the other hand, wouldn’t be able to lead a crowd of junkies to an all-you-can-inject free heroin buffet. We hope that you’re all haunted by the images of the hundreds of people that Heinrich Holder and Der Fubar murdered, every single last fucking night of your lives until you finally locate the guts to kill yourselves.

Then, and ONLY then will you finally have made a worthwhile difference. Not much, but it’s better than the utter useless waste of oxygen that your entire lives have been up until now.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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